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Lucas Long

New York City


Lucas Long is a graphic designer, musician and interaction designer living and working in New York City. He graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design. Lucas has...
Jacklyn Anne Gomez

Quezon City

Graphic Artist

I studied Architecture and worked as a Draftsman and 3d Renderer. I've also worked as a Graphic Artist creating logos, brochures, marketing materials and social media content. In the past few years,...
Bart Blazejewski


Graphic Designer/Artist

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artist with strong focus on branding, visual communication and editorial design. Curiosity, humour and imagination are my core values. Over the years I...
Choy Shiau Hui Amanda


Graphic and Experience Designer / Visual Artist

A multi-disciplinary designer who specialises in visual identity, brand experiences, digital and print design and installations with an underlying passion for harnessing design as a tool towards...
Studio Storam


Artist, Illustrator

“Storam is the Artist, Studio Storam is the Brand.” “Just your friendly neighborhood artist here! My work is a mixture of digital and traditional mediums. Art has been with me since my formative...
Ekin Ergok

New York

Graphic Designer

Ekin Ergok is a New York-based multimedia artist. ​ In 2003, he completed the Arts...