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Kirsty Dalton


Designer at Primitive Woodland Line

Primitive is a line of wooden works produced by Scottish designer Kirsty Dalton. Each piece is individually hand crafted from various cuts of natural wood, shaped and then burnt free hand, using a...
Yasmine Rafii


Freelance Art Director/Artist

As a graphic design professional for over 20 years, I have broad experience with a diverse range of clients. A sampling of completed projects includes work for: Building Changes, a nationally...
Morteza Vaseghi


Graphic Designer

Oslo based multi-disciplinary graphic designer...
Fleur Isbell


Creative Lead

Passionate about experimentation and exploring new processes as a tool to discover, uncover and generate original ideas. With work often crossing into multi disciplines, digital, interactivity,...
cho desmond



Love to enrich other and be enriched by people who have this optimistic mindsets

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Digital Artistic Graphic Design

• Responsibility and punctuality, values instilled both in the family and in the workplace. • Good predisposition in contact with the public and customers. • Ease to establish new relationships...