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Karine Fortier


Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Creative Thinker. Passionate about all forms of creativity, design and innovation. Inquisitive, imaginative and collaborative.
Kelsi Coleman

Brooklyn NY

Magazine Founder

I'm a talented creative with experience in art direction, copywriting, and administrative assistance in the creative field. I'm seeking jobs that relate to my experience:)
Nuno Santos


Master's Degree

Hello Hello, My name is Nuno Santos and I'm from Portugal. It happens that we both believe the world is looking the same, and together we can change this. Please, check my work and send me a Hey...
Amanda Adomaitis

Los Angeles

Senior Art Director

Textile Design Expert with experience working in London and Los Angeles, and a MA graduate with a distinction from the London College of Fashion. Excels at creating beautiful artwork under strict...
Tiera Knaff


Product Design

My background includes outstanding computer and manual design skills and the ability to produce superior work on time and matching client specifications. In addition to this experience, I have been...
barbara prada


architectural designer

My journey of working with light began with simply looking at and admiring daily light phenomena in nature and our built environment. I have trained my eyes to constantly observe where the light is...