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Rodrigo Fortes


Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Hi, I'm Rodrigo Fortes, a Brazilian Graphic Designer and Illustrator, currently based in Bonn, Germany. My illustrations have been published in several national and international magazines and...
Ross Dalziel


Graphic Designer

I am an experienced Graphic Designer and Collage Artist working in London.


Graphic Designer

I'm a visual artist always learning new ways and techniques to express my feelings and emotions with bright colors.
Zoo Ting-Ju Yu


Graphic Designer

I specialise in design by Adobe creative suite that includes Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign, Character Animation and Dreamweaver. Additionally, I have knowledge of CSS, HTML, PowerPoint,...
Jan Farn Chi



A Taiwanese multidisciplinary creative, who has studied, travelled and worked in numerous countries and has experienced many different cultures along the way with an open mind. She has been always...


Ceramic Designer

I’m a ceramic designer. Started my professional career as an architect and later as an interior designer, I continue to work with space now by placing my objects in it. Mostly I work with clay as...