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Krupneva Irina


Professional model

My name is Irina Krupneva. I am professional freelance and agency signed (Louay Nasser Production Agency in Egypt only) model based in Cairo, Egypt. Available for direct booking modeling and acting...
Ana Córdoba Crespo

Greater London

Fashion designer, illustrator & Content Creator

As Abraham Lincoln once said "The best way to predict the future is to create it." Fashion is way deeper than the visible surface layers of the mental idea society has about clothing, and there is...
Yossi Fisher


Fashion Advertising Specialist

My name is Yossi Fisher - Fashion Advertising Specialist, and Brand Consultant. With over 15 years of fashion industry experience I have conceptualized, executed, and consulted on projects for...


Jewellery maker- Metalsmith

I obtained my BFA at the Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery, Italy and then went on to obtain my MFA at the SUNY, New Paltz, New York, USA. After finishing my studies, I did a few internships...



After years of traveling and doing shows and photo-shootings round the world (New York, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Tokyo) i decided to find my self a home and rest for a little bit. So now im...



I dream about at least one professional photo session.