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Felix Flecha


Graphic Designer

Known art was my passion from a young age of eight. Every artwork has been inspired by a personal time in my life that I went through. Moved by the ability to connect my audience through the only...
selen sahin

New York City

Fashion Designer

I am so energetic kinda hyperactive. I am a yoga teacher and spiritual person, I am always focused to new, creative, and unusual.I am so solution oriented person. Also, I believing human relationship...
Francesca Dowthwaite


Freelance Silversmith

To whom it may concern, I am a young qualified jewellery designer and maker with experience selling my work to high end markets in Kensington, Chelsea, Winchester and Salisbury. As well as...


Fashion Designer Hi! I'm a recent graduate from BA Performance Costume at the Edinburgh College of Art. Currently I live in London, where I moved to gain more insider experience...
Hillory Rex


Licensing Manager

I am a creative, efficient, and analytical manager with many years of experience across a broad range of positions and industries. I have a sense of urgency and know when to look at the big picture...


Jewellery designer

I am eager to explore different materials, skills and modes to challenge boundaries of what defines jewellery. I always get a lot of inspiration from investigating people. I am interested in focusing...