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Harlan Whatley


Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

I am a documentarian, traveler, writer of TV pilots, short stories, poetry and a novella. I have taught Mass Communication at Odessa College in Odessa, Texas since 2015 and am the Director of the...
Eddie Lin

San Francisco

Graphic Designer

Eddie Lin is a graphic designer / photographer who based in San Francisco, California. He loves looking for a new perspective of the town that people don't usually see. He found it conceptually...
Bartosz Branka



I am a Photographer based in London, United Kingdom. I would describe my personal style as very colourful, yet can adapt to any given projects either in studio or outdoors. Around 5 years of...



Coral Catullo as an artist examines how people read images in our now visually literate society. Many people take images to depict a true representation of that particular time place, when in fact...


Freelance Photographer

I am a freelance photographer, videographer and researcher. I focus on production and concept photography in addition to portraits, documentary and travel photography. I have a lot of experience...
Aster Reem David


Photographic Artist

Aster is a UK-based artist using photography and writing to draw poetic reflections on her identity and mental health informed by personal memory and life experiences. Her work draws on the fragile...