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Trevor Menders

New York

Research Assistant

I specialize in East Asian art history with an emphasis on the arts of Japan. For me, art isn't an object, but a story: the story begins the second that the cultural environment sparks the fire in...
Soyoung B



Hi, I'm Soyoung Bae. A part-time artist, performer and a photo-videographer, born in Seoul and based in Seoul and Prague.
Carla Goldberg


Fine Artist and Independent Curator

I describe my current works as “Sculptural Drawings” and "Sculptural Paintings" created with oil ink pens, paints and resin on frosted and clear acrylic panels. These pieces hang an inch away from...
Elian Stolarsky


Professional Artist

Visual Artist (drawing, printmaking, installation and animation). I have traveled around the world because of art residencies, grants and first prizes. From Uruguay to the rest of the world! Writer...
Cabell Molina



Cabell Molina is a contemporary artist transplanted from California to the east. Where Cabell has proved herself exceptional is by making the intangible tangible by taking iconic images and...
Tiffany April



I am a visual artist focused mainly in painting, acrylic and oil, around the themes of Post-humanism - deconstructing the barrier between humans, animals, and technology - using the malleable nature...