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Wenkang Guan

New York City

Fine Art

I was born and raised in Guangzhou, China and came to New York for undergraduate study in 2013. I graduated from School of Visual Arts’ fine art program in May 2017 and have been working as a...
Julie Arbuckle



Julie Arbuckle is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by the wild and mountainous areas of Scotland, Julie’s work comes from her experiences walking and cycling through beautiful landscapes....



My name is Mònica Planas Esteve and I am passionate about art education as a way to develop creative skills for life and a professional career. I have more than ten years of teaching experience in...
Julia Rogers



I use my love of colour and abstraction to create work that connects through movement and colour. Preferring to work on large scale though not always practical I explore various facets of human life...
Doménico CV Talarico


The art of Doménico CV Talarico

Doménico CV Talarico (*1989). Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Questioning the concept of identity and its fading during time Talarico paints portraits of unknown people from forgotten...
Keona Donn

Kings Langley


Hello, I'm currently working as a freelance artist and am an aspiring filmmaker. I'm also a content creator for Extinction Rebellion.