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Lee Boyd



Artist based in Northern Ireland , experienced professional artist, highly experienced in various mediums. Working with private and corporate clients worldwide. A creative utilising traditional...
Isabella Quack


Freelance Artist / SFX Makeup Artist

I'm a 25 year old artist with a bachelor in fine arts and a degree in SFX Make up for Film and Television. Finding new artistic approaches and solutions to bring concepts to life is my favorite...
Patricia-Iuliana Leordean


Portraiture Specialist

I am mostly self-taught, but I have been guided by my highschool art teachers in the past, as they had observed my talent. The mediums I have the most expertise in are charcoal and pastel drawings...
Sarah Greenwood


Fine Artist

Sarah Greenwood is a Fine Artist based in Brisbane Australia. Sarah's primary practice is drawing, particularly drawing the figure, however, she has extended this skill to specialise in detailed...
Kristina Ellura


video installation artist

An installation and video artist Kristina Marie Ellura’s diverse techniques include woodworking, laser cutting and fibre arts. She is driven by mystical themes and her art features universal symbols...
Stephanie KILGAST



Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature and its current biodiversity. Plants, mushrooms, insects and other animals encounter in a vibrant swirl of colors under her...