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Diana Krausz


Jewelry designer

Founder of DIA - Juvelista, contemporary fine jewelry line. I work also for art galleries and museum shops as well.
Felix Fiore



I studied drawing and painting at the Pedro Pablo Rubens Institute and goldsmith with the teacher Horacio Bertero. I was honored by the Patronato Plata del Perú and the National Fund for the Arts....
Victoria Bailey


Wire Artist

I'm Victoria; founder, designer and multi-hat wearer here at Twisted Fern Designs. Above all, I'm a dreamer; the head in the clouds, toes in the sand type with wild ideals and a burning calling to...


Jewellery maker- Metalsmith

I obtained my BFA at the Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery, Italy and then went on to obtain my MFA at the SUNY, New Paltz, New York, USA. After finishing my studies, I did a few internships...
reena rathaur



Reena Rathaur Designs was an imagination of trendy wardrobe that needed an outline to spread around and enthuse people across the nation and then the globe hopefully. The idea had gained its...


Jewellery designer

I am eager to explore different materials, skills and modes to challenge boundaries of what defines jewellery. I always get a lot of inspiration from investigating people. I am interested in focusing...