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Jeweller and Silversmith

Hardworking, enthusiastic individual who can take initiative. Work great both individually and within a team. Designing and making jewellery for more than 5 years and worked with various materials...
Catarina Nordeste


Jewellery designer

I'm a OOAK jewellery designer creating mostly bespoke pieces for unique and special clients. I studied jewellery making techniques in London for 2 years and I'm currently working at my own studio in...
Francesca Dowthwaite


Freelance Silversmith

To whom it may concern, I am a young qualified jewellery designer and maker with experience selling my work to high end markets in Kensington, Chelsea, Winchester and Salisbury. As well as...
Jennifer Saker


Designer Founder

Contemporary architecture and engineering influence the bold lines of Saker Jewellery. The ways in which people interact with the designed spaces they encounter day to day have always fascinated...
Adriana Del Duca


Jewelry designer

I was born in Caracas in 1969 where I grew up in a thriving cultural period. The metropolis offers countless experiences in the artistic and sculptural field allowing citizens to merge with an...
reena rathaur



Reena Rathaur Designs was an imagination of trendy wardrobe that needed an outline to spread around and enthuse people across the nation and then the globe hopefully. The idea had gained its...