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Jennifer Saker


Designer Founder

Contemporary architecture and engineering influence the bold lines of Saker Jewellery. The ways in which people interact with the designed spaces they encounter day to day have always fascinated...


Jewellery Designer/Maker

Felix Fiore



I studied drawing and painting at the Pedro Pablo Rubens Institute and goldsmith with the teacher Horacio Bertero. I was honored by the Patronato Plata del Perú and the National Fund for the Arts....
Diana Krausz


Jewelry designer

Founder of DIA - Juvelista, contemporary fine jewelry line. I work also for art galleries and museum shops as well.
Corliss Rose

Tustin CA

Creative Director

2-Roses is a collaboration of designers Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose. The studio, located in Southern California, is focused on producing one-of-a-kind and limited-edition adornment and objects...
Adriana Del Duca


Jewelry designer

I was born in Caracas in 1969 where I grew up in a thriving cultural period. The metropolis offers countless experiences in the artistic and sculptural field allowing citizens to merge with an...