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Sherry Sahni


Assistant to Director

I am a highly creative and talented art professional with well-honed skills in curation and visual arts. My background in creating and designing art workshops, as well as art-related curricula for...
Melissa Nunez


Instructor of Record

I’m a graduate MFA student at University of Florida College of the Arts, focusing on Creative Photography and Museum Studies. I was selected as the Graduate School Fellowship Award at the University...


Art Historian & Exhibition Curator

Megakles Rogakos is an art historian and exhibition curator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History from The American College of Greece (1997); a Master’s degree in Arts, Policy...
Tiffany Torma


Research Assistant with the University of Toronto iSchool

I am a graduate student
Neha Tickoo

New Delhi

Curation and Outreach Associate

Neha 'Zooni' Tickoo is an artist hailing from Kashmir and based in Delhi. Trained in classical kathak dance and having dabbled in Performance Art, her recent attempts in contemporary art has been in...
Hannah Sachs

New Haven

Interdisciplinary Arts Educator

Hannah Sachs is an applied theatre artist and arts educator from Virginia. She studied directing, religion, and social change at Smith College before teaching and directing in the Czech Republic as a...