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Bailey Johnson

San Francisco

Journalist/Art Agent

Current student-athlete pursuing a Bachelors in Business/Art History/Museum Studies. I have extensive experience in working with art galleries and collaborating with a variety of artists. My skills...
Lindsey Bell


Curatorial Assistant

I am a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an MA in Modern...
Melissa Nunez


Instructor of Record

I’m a graduate MFA student at University of Florida College of the Arts, focusing on Creative Photography and Museum Studies. I was selected as the Graduate School Fellowship Award at the University...


Fine artist, art director

Fine artist
Susannah Townes


Collections Manager

UVA student interested in Museum Stadies, intern at the Gibbes Museum of Art and Kluge Ruhe Collection of Aboriginal Art
Jamie Reschke

Las Vegas


Las Vegas,NV. Artist Passionate fine arts graduate with an affinity to emphasize painting and sculpting. A visionary with a strong sense of artistry and forward thinking. Excited about the journey...