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Zack Blei


Fine Arts Painter

I’m a 47 year old visual artist, born in Rochester, New York, and living in PORTLAND, OR.
Michele Papa


Electronic Music's Composer

The contacts with machines and classical instruments. Studying electroacustic solutions and complex timbre. Digital partiture and music programmation.
Carson H. Terhune

South Orange

Music Composer and Producer

Aspiring composer and producer, primarily interested in collaborating with vocalists and composing scores for film, tv, video games, etc.
Cyrus Bayandor



I’m a 33 year old self employed musician.
Shane Kelly Lester



I am an Irish musician, composer, and sound design artist working across multiple genres, and disciplines.
Isaac Villafranca

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


In a musician and actor who has been in different jobs and activities related to both fields. Im curremtly living in London and looking for a job where my skills will help me to succesfully perform...