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Carson H. Terhune

South Orange

Music Composer and Producer

Aspiring composer and producer, primarily interested in collaborating with vocalists and composing scores for film, tv, video games, etc.
Bojan Gagic


multimedia artist

Bojan Gagic is a multimedia artist working internationally in the sphere of sound art and field recordings. Parallelly to working as a technical director for theatre, film and music festivals. His...
Kasey Blezinger



Kasey Blezinger is a percussionist and drummer based in Brooklyn, NY. Kasey specializes in contemporary/experimental percussion and theatre/opera playing. Kasey earned a Bachelor's Degree from...
John O'Neill



Experienced french horn player in the Chicago area.
Giulia DeVal


Sound artist

Giulia DeVal works in the field of vocal research, audiovisual installation and performing arts. Her interest mainly focuses on DIY, lo-fi sounds, modified / hacked analog devices and fictional...
Leandro Pereira de Souza

Belo Horizonte


I'm sound artist and I'm PHd in music. I have some works in digital and interactive arts My actual research is about music and dance interaction with moviment capture.