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José Pedro Canário Bica


Audio engineer

I enjoy to explore nature and like to research about sonic propertie of spaces. Specifically interested by acoustics and psychoacoustic and I'm driven by technology. With philanthropic approach I...
Lukas Cane (Trzcinski)


Bachelor of movie production

info in bio


Sound Artist
Andi Elliott



Specialist in a wide range of music experiences and art innovation productions. Work with a belief that offering a mix of less mainstream music and art, in amongst more regular music performances,...
Nathan Hanson

Saint Paul


Composer and saxophonist Nathan Hanson has performed in venues from concert halls to prisons, churches to train stations, debutante balls to Soviet fallout shelters in places ranging from St. Paul to...
Tommy O

Los Angeles


Tommy O first picked up the guitar and began playing music he listened to on the radio at age three. During high school, he joined popular, hit-making R...