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Gábor Hartyáni



Gábor Hartyáni (1987) plays the cello since he was 7 and first tasted improvisation 15 years ago. Since then his musical attention shifted towards instant composition, jazz, experimental,...
Leandro Pereira de Souza

Belo Horizonte


I'm sound artist and I'm PHd in music. I have some works in digital and interactive arts My actual research is about music and dance interaction with moviment capture.
Nathan Hanson

Saint Paul


Composer and saxophonist Nathan Hanson has performed in venues from concert halls to prisons, churches to train stations, debutante balls to Soviet fallout shelters in places ranging from St. Paul to...
Oliver Farrow



I am a recent graduate of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with a 2:1 in Music Composition. With experience in setting up events, curating musicians/ artists, composing and performing a variety of...
Nicky Louder


Assistant to the Entertainment Facilitator

Working for and with the Entertainment business. Awesome entertainer - I have a strong background in Mime - that works with entertainers to find them more work. Finding great entertainers for...
Ognjen Savija


guitar player, musician, composer, producer, sound designer, art performing artist, multimedia artist & DJ

Ognjen Šavija: Member of Cultural Association Ambrosia. Guitar player, musician, composer, producer, sound designer, art performance artist, multimedia artist...