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Ania Catherine

Los Angeles


Ania Catherine is an artist and director based in Los Angeles. Her work merges live performance, film, and choreography and has been shown internationally at the British Film Institute, Art Basel...
Rui Fan Wang


Animation artist

Rui Fan Wang is an animation artist from Singapore. Graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in animation in 2016, Rui Fan is a skilled artist with firm technical background in both...


Seeker of Wisdom

I’m like a character from a “picaresque” novel. I learn as I rove and rove as I learn. I am deeply emotional and aspire to bring a spirit of unconditional acceptance to all of life’s diverse...
Magdalena Glotzer


Social Media Assistant

My name is Magdalena Glotzer. I am a recent graduate from the University of Chicago with a dual degree in Art History and East European studies. I am currently working for the Chicago Artists...

The Hague


I was born in a country where you have to be creative to survive. My experience cannot testify that I am an artist technically. Probably because I have a Law degree. But who doesn’t? I mean who doesn...
Sarah Gregory



Sarah Gregory is a former researcher and analyst for central government departments, who is now writing a fictitious story set in the future about a Black British female revolutionary being...