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Todd Black

Saint Joseph


I'm a writer with 6 years worth of content published on various services and platforms including Comixology and Amazon. I love writing all kinds of stories and at present have written over 30 comics...
Marc Librizzi


Marc Librizzi

My Name is Marc Librizzi and I am a furniture maker/designer and have a deep and personal love for drawing and printmaking. Ive just recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where I...


Journalist & Copywriter

I’m a South African journalist, editor and copywriter currently living in London. I’ve been in the media industry for the last 8 years and worked as the Assistant Editor for one of South Africa’s top...
Maya K. Ramesar


Communications Assistant

“I approach a painting as a room,” explains Maya Ramesar. “A character is put into a space where it will live forever.” In these works, non-human, subhuman, and superhuman figures abound, elements...


Seeker of Wisdom

I’m like a character from a “picaresque” novel. I learn as I rove and rove as I learn. I am deeply emotional and aspire to bring a spirit of unconditional acceptance to all of life’s diverse...