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Bill Kearney


Screenplay writer

I am an ex-casino gambling degenerate, and the author of a novel/screenplay titled, 'COMPED.' The story-line is based on actual events that occurred during the High-Roller-life I once lived in the...
Jeff Lee

Sherman Oaks

novelist, screenwriter

I’m an author and screenwriter who writes fast-paced crime...


Current Summer Intensive Intern at Charlotte Ballet

Aspiring non-profit arts administrative professional. Graduated from UNC Greensboro Spring 2019 Alumni, Cum Laude, with a Bachelors of Arts in Arts Administration. Former Senior Resident Advisor...
Leonora Miranda Scott


Fashion Stylist

Leonora Miranda L. Scott is a London-based stylist. With 3 years' experience in the industry she has established herself as a fresh young creative based in the UK. Leonora's work has been featured in...
Benedetta Mucchi


Digital artist

Italian Pisces born in 1969, lives and works in Brussels. Three generations of artists in the family have allowed her be passionate about art and creation since childhood. She has always worked in...
Cynthia Membreno



I’m a stop motion and 2d animator.