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Jeffrey Carl Johnson

A Coruña

Viola professor in la Sinfónica de Galicia

I’ve been a musician since I was 4 years old. I have taught viola and performed professionally for 30 years. I am an avid and experienced photographer with over 20 years of experience. I have a keen...
Guillaume Hebert



Guillaume Hebert is a French visual artist, more focused on photography, born in 1969 in Normandy. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Caen (DNSEP : National Superior Diploma of Plastic Arts...
Chris Voy



I am a Berlin based Photographer who is specialised in portrait photography. I m working a wide range of music portraits and album artwork to gallery exhibitions and streetart presentations.
Mikael Johansson



Mikael Johansson is a Swedish Photographer currently based in London. Experienced in the fields of art, street and commercial photography ranging from product/e-commerce to editorial and fashion.
Suzanne O'Connell



Suzanne O'Connell works as an art dealer of the finest Indigenous works to global collectors and institutions since 2001. Based in Brisbane, the Suzanne O'Connell Gallery has launched and nurtured...

New York City

Photo Editor

I am a commercial photographer specializing in studio photography, particularly portraiture and fashion. I have experience in photo editing and research for a fine art photography magazine based out...