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Josephine Kate Richardson


Gallery Invigilator

Josephine Richardson is a hard working and creative individual. She sees herself as a multi skilled artist with interests in traditional illustration, life drawing, fine art, a variety of photography...



I am a photographer and writer exhibiting a true love for the production process, easily adaptable to roles and team working. Inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm. Photographer...
Wayne McGregor



I am a British photographer residing in Copenhagen, I have experience in both digital and analogue photography. I am very experienced using studio lighting as well ass using artificial lighting on...
Eric Christopher Jackson


Contemporary Fine Art Photographer

Every scene has a story to tell. Every story has a personality of its own. No matter how small the subject, each one cries for attention. I want to give them a chance to be heard. The first of two...
Manuel Rocca


Editorial photographer

I was born in Sevilla, and grow up between the USA and Spain. To me photography and music has been my passion and my way of living. In 1976 obtained a Bachelor´s degree, at ¨San Isidoro Institute...


Fine Art Photographer

I use photography to visualize my inner feelings, fears and thoughts to gain a better understanding of myself and my relationship to my environment. The last three years, I’ve been engaged with the...