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Kinga Petrykowska

Greater London

Content Creator

Ambitious and growth-focused, I spend my days improving relationships with customers in a service-oriented company when at night I run my creative projects, including social media, product and...
Kathryn Johnson


Graphic Designer

I'm hard working, detail oriented graphic designer with 13 years experience.
Marco Trevisani



Architect, designer, visual artist and musician, all this connected by computer programming and algorithm,
Thomas Valianatos


Lecturer at ionian University

I am an Audiovisual Artist and i make New media Art because this kind of art deals with technology and it has many opportunities in expression field. I have the freedom and the curiosity to...
Bryan Ngaleka


Graphic Designer

I am a Malawian man born on 23 January 1985. I am the second-born son from a family of six children. My parents are Malawian. We are from different districts with different tribes. My father passed...
marj ostani


feature editor

I’m Marj, I have a degree in film and communications, a communications and content media specialist with almost four years of experience in editorial, content, social media, production, management,...