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Stacey Rupolo



I'm a freelance photographer and story teller based in Chicago, Illinois. I have a degree in photojournalism from Boston University and have over 5 years of experience in my field. My work has been...
Yan Snad

Long Island


I am a graduate of Kean University, with a BA in Communications, concentration in Public Relations and Minor in Music. I am currently the Editor-In-Chief and Social Media Manager for independent...
mark D Williams



Illustrator published, artist, yoga instructor, fanner of flames. I began making goofy drawings and went on to pursue creativity in most forms, music, art, acting... and the ideas come in bounds...
Anna Wallace-Thompson


Arts writer & editor

Based in London, Anna Wallace-Thompson is an arts writer specialising in Middle Eastern art and culture, with over a decade of experience in the field of editing and publishing. She spent 10 years...
Martyna Poznanska



Martyna Poznańska is a cross-disciplinary artist who works with different media across disciplines, building connections between the intangible medium of sound and solid matter. This includes the...
Nicolò Emanuele Passaro



I’m Nicolò Emanuele Passaro, a graduated italian student in Environmental and Natural Science. I’m a person with many interdisciplinary interestings, which I’ve developemented during years, as...