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Thomas Valianatos


Lecturer at ionian University

I am an Audiovisual Artist and i make New media Art because this kind of art deals with technology and it has many opportunities in expression field. I have the freedom and the curiosity to...
Nicolò Emanuele Passaro



I’m Nicolò Emanuele Passaro, a graduated italian student in Environmental and Natural Science. I’m a person with many interdisciplinary interestings, which I’ve developemented during years, as...
Courtney Ann Turner-Harris


Graphic Design/Illustrator Intern

Hi, My name's Courtney Turner-Harris, I'm a college student majoring in media arts primarily game design at Middlesex County College. I'm also an intern for a startup cryptocurrency firm called...
Martyna Poznanska



Martyna Poznańska is a cross-disciplinary artist who works with different media across disciplines, building connections between the intangible medium of sound and solid matter. This includes the...


Visul Artist

Pedro Morales is a pioneer of digital art in Venezuela. “La Mirada”, (The Gaze), ca. 1989, is one of the first works of digital art documented in the region, pushing the aesthetic limits of what...
Sarah Wallace

New York


Hello! I'm Sarah Wallace I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Digital Media Production and a degree in Marketing.