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Todd Allen Williams


Creative Writer

My life is based around the written word. I make it exciting, succinct, and custom-tailored to each assignment. In my career I’ve written for several major international brands, won an Associated...
Lee Drake

Winter Park

3D Artist

An alumni of Full Sail University (BS 3D Art) and Sullivan University (ASSC Graphic Design), I spend my time making art that is either scary or funny. Currently, I live in Orlando, Fl. with my wife...
Kathryn Johnson


Graphic Designer

I'm hard working, detail oriented graphic designer with 13 years experience.



Mob-Handed Press is a collaborative songbook created by selected musicians around a central theme. Artists contribute one song each, which are then anthologised into a publication. This in turn is...
Corinne Whitaker

Foster City

Digital Giraffe

36 years as a pioneering digital painter and sculptor ( 23 years publishing an award-winning monthly ezine ( over 300 exhibitions worldwide (www....


Creative Assistance

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