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Art Director

I’m Daniel, a versatile artist from London who has worked with clients such as Google, Sony, Vice, HSBC and more. I have practiced visual arts in a variety of creative professions over the past 8...
Thomas Valianatos


Lecturer at ionian University

I am an Audiovisual Artist and i make New media Art because this kind of art deals with technology and it has many opportunities in expression field. I have the freedom and the curiosity to...
Nicolò Emanuele Passaro



I’m Nicolò Emanuele Passaro, a graduated italian student in Environmental and Natural Science. I’m a person with many interdisciplinary interestings, which I’ve developemented during years, as...
Anya Naumovic


Digital Artist

I am a multi-disciplined artist, with experience in creating content, both written and visual on a freelance basis. I am skilled in photoshop and proficient in technology which I utilize within my...
malaka sikkit


article writer

hi i am article writer. i have 10 years article writing experience.
marj ostani


feature editor

I’m Marj, I have a degree in film and communications, a communications and content media specialist with almost four years of experience in editorial, content, social media, production, management,...