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Nicole Boysen


Vocal Performer

I am a creative soul who has dabbled in literature, dramatic literature, and opera. I've been part of many collaborative creations, including a commentary on the social effects of technology and a...
Lauren Hart


Theatre Maker

Lauren Hart was born in Sheffield, England in 1985. She graduated in 2007 from Central School of Speech and Drama in London where she trained as a performer and theatre maker. Since graduating she...


Theater Maker

to come soon
Giulia Belle'


Stage designer

Theatre stage designer
Josh Goulding

New York


I'm a British actor and theatre maker based in New York
Benjamin Viertel

New York City


BENJAMIN VIERTEL is a freelance director based in New York City, grew up in France with an Italian mother and German father. At 11 he emigrated to the U.S. speaking three languages, none of them...