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Elena Zamparutti


Stage designer

“I consider the set as an extension of the bodies that are going to be on the stage. Everything is created keeping in mind that living bodies will touch it, that bodies will compose figures in it:...
franklyn wepner

New York


author, composer, director of musical theater. teacher of acting using michael chekhov system
Hayley C Feigs



I am a well rounded Canadian artist living in the United Kingdom on a work visa until October 2020. I am looking for a fast paced and engaging role with an arts company in the UK. I am currently...
Karen Arredondo

San Antonio TX

Set Designer

I am my mother’s daughter.
Giulia Belle'


Stage designer

Theatre stage designer
Di Bradshaw



Di is a professional actor trained in Portugal who loves Musical Theatre and Shakespeare plays (Twelfth Night and Macbeth being his favourite). Started his studies in drama at the professional...