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Jenn Kitagawa


Illustrator + Artist

Jenn Kitagawa is an award-winning multidisciplinary illustrator and artist living in Berlin. She received her Bachelors of Design from A.C.A.D., interned in New York City for illustrator and artist...
Michele Palazzo

New York

Photographer / Artist

I'm Italian by blood, Architect by training, and Photographer by heart. A visual storyteller, weaving narratives through people’s movements and emotions. I live and operate in New York City. My...
Rosa Futuro


Photo Editor

I’m an Italian self-taught artist. I participated in numerous video festivals as well as group and solo exhibitions internationally. After 12 years in Berlin, I moved to Paris, where I currently live...



I'm an art lover, I love to live, enjoy life, travelling and knowing new people. I do everything with love and I do it good!
Nicole S. Bates

District of Columbia

Visual Artist

Simply creative with a flare of being different and marketable.
Dorijan Milovanovik


Film and video editor

I`m a graduated Film editor, at the National University of Film and Drama "Ion Luca Caragiale" in Bucharest. At the Film Faculty I gained a sense about light and composition, and I became a...