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Carly Riegger

Ann Arbor

Ceramic Artist

I have a BFA in Ceramics from Bowling Green State University. I've been creating ceramics for years now, since 2012 and I am continuing it as my main focus of art. I was diagnosed with Ehlers...
Carole Forman



I am a professional actor who has returned to my art making. I have a BFA in painting from the University of Buffalo and studied at the School of Visual Art in NYC. As an actor, I was in the Broadway...
Georgeta Fondos

Coral Springs


I am a South Florida-based artist, accomplished in several disciplines including murals, botanical illustration, photography, and textile art. I provide mural and design services for public,...
Marina Aizome



I am a neurobiologist, and my creative journey brought me from science to art. I started to study butoh dance ( japanese dancetheater) and perform, my fascination for asian phylosophy, bodywisdom...
Heli Mäki-Arvela

Turku 50


I am a painter, working mostly with egg tempera. My paintings are mostly about people - feelings and situations. I like to combine different paintings into one and thus create a stronger story.
Tana LaKale



Tana LaKale is the alias of Aitana Atarés, a 21 years old artist from Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) and about to have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona. She works...