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Florent Poussineau


Visual artist, culinary specialize

Les réalisations artistiques de Florent Poussineau se situent entre l’acte performatif, la vidéo et l’installation. Il met en jeu la relation que nous entretenons avec la nourriture dans nos...
Marianna Ryhänen


Inspiring Alien

Inspiring Alien has indulged into art world since their early years, finding it as an important emotional outlet in their teenage years while struggling with mental health issues. Creating artwork...
Emma Davies



I am a multi-disciplinary artist that works across Performance, Live Art, Installation, Mixed Media, Constructions and Objects, Artists Books, Painting, Drawing, Theatre Production and Design. As...
Lesley Bodzy

New York


I work to create a luminosity, an atmosphere you can breathe. I am interested in materiality and unique painting surfaces. I work to achieve dynamic rhythms that your eye can dance across. I seek to...
Rosa Anna



Rosa Anna Argento dopo gli studi artistici imbocca quelli di Conservazione e Restauro. Si distingue nel mondo della moda che la conduce alla Settimana della Moda di Milano dove presenta delle sue...
Viktória Marczisák



I was born and raised in Hungary. Besides the 12 years of obligatory art classes in my home country I have always enjoyed drawing and painting in my free time since early childhood, using pencil,...