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Yury Ermolenko


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Yury Ermolenko – A Master of Fine Arts (MFA), author of special, large-scale, monumental picturesque projects, set designer, art director (musical video), music video director, photographer....
Lee Russell Holin

New York

Visual Artist

Lee Russell Holin is a New York-based artist. Holin received his M.F.A. with a concentration in Drawing from New York Academy of Art. Shortly after completing his Masters degree, he embarked on his...
Lydia Z



Lydia Z was born and raised in Athens, Greece, though the last few years she has been living in the UK. Even though from a young age she was painting, she studied Business Management and Fashion...
Yulia Terebunsk



Yulia was born in Saint-Petersburg - the gorgeous gem of Russia, often called The Northern Venice. This vibrant city, built by the finest French and Italian architects, the cultural capital of her...
Marcia Santore



Marcia Santore is a contemporary painter. Her work uses vivid color, intriguing texture, and image-based abstraction to convey mystery and movement. Santore has exhibited her paintings, collages, and...
Monifa A Kincaid

new jersey


Monifa is a self-taught artist who is always open to exploration. Her work is centered around inspiration gathered from meditation experiences in the form of, intuitive messages, exercises in self-...