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Artist. Member of National Artists Union of Russia...
Nina Koyfman

Los Angeles

Visual Artist

Nina is a Russian first generation American visual artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Up until recently her artwork has mostly been through film and video work: "My truest form of storytelling...
Beatrice M. Johnson


Arts Administrator

Multilingual arts administrator with 10 years of experience running a fast-paced non-profit arts organization, realizing multidisciplinary art projects, and serving as the right hand to a pioneering...
haein heo


independent filmmaker

Recent CalArts animation graduate
Valentine Louafi


Contemporary artist

I'm a French paper cut artist. My blade is my brush.
Mac Star McCusker


Professor of Ceramics

Ceramic artist in Asheville, NC. Figure Sculptor and Ceramics Instructor. My work provides social commentary about political and social issues surrounding the LGBTQIA community. MFA from Georgia...