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Jamie Lubetkin


Independent Design Professional

I enjoy infusing my design projects with the creative, hands-on approach of a fine artist. Whether incorporating sketches in the concept stage, drawing upon color theory and composition, or playing...
Randall Schmit

New York New York

Fine Artist Painter

Visual artist Randall Schmit was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up along the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After initial studies in architecture at Texas A...
Bastien laure


Video I Maker

Brought to life through business school and travels. I strongly believe in doing what i love which is creating deep content that reflect my values. In order to do that creativity, planning and...
Rachel M. Hammersley

New York City

Freelance Photographer

A recent Art Education graduate with a love of contemporary art and the galleries in which it is shown. I am a dedicated and passionate worker who has recently moved to NYC to surround myself with...



Director, Write, Actor. My background is Croatian, Japanese and Italian. I have done numerous works in feature films, theatre, and commercials. The most all I am very peaceful, understanding,...
Rafael Corzo

New York City

Born in Mexico City, I am a Tulsa and New York City based artist. With my theses “Creative Consciousness-The Art of Allowance”,“Intuitive Enlightenment”, and “Dimensions of Creation”, my artistic...
Lali Torma


Visual Artist

Visual Artist
Santiago Cornejo

Buenos Aires


Santiago Cornejo is professional cartoonist that sign as “Corne”. He was born on the 14th of June of 1976, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since young he studied illustration, cartooning and comic...