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Claire Louise


Social Media Consultant

The perplexities of the contemporary genre incentivized my degree in Fine Arts. Assuming roles during my education as both a student and an educator reinforced my dedication to sharing the experience...
Kjersti Webb



I’m a physical Theatre Actress living in Sweden from all over the world. I create my own work and love working with others especially in ensemble work. Over the last 7 years I have developed a...
Erin Elizabeth Adams

Los Angeles


I am a Los Angeles, California based artists. I also owned a gallery for a time and continue to curate art exhibitions.
Tamara Valkama


Artist/Painter Painter/Decorator

I'm Artist Painter, I live in Florence, ItalyAfter completion of my study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, I started working as a Painting interior decorator. In parallel I continued to...

New York City

Style Editor at Forbes Media, Artist, Graphic Artist

Juan Benson is an American strategic, multidisciplinary designer with an eye for content creation particularly known for his contributions in brand identity design. Making visual impact drives his...
riccardo attanasio


Artist, Painter

Riccardo Matlakas (b.1982, Naples, Italy) is a London based multidisciplinary artist working internationally. He is best known for his multi-talented capacity in different art forms including...