PETERSON RUIZ | ARTIST | sorocaba | Art Jobs
Country: Brazil
City: sorocaba
Professional Title: ARTIST
Specialties: Visual Arts, Collage, Sound Arts

- About -

Communication professional (advertising, copywriter, graphic designer, translator, publisher), multi-expressive artist (sound, visual, literary, digital arts), music researcher, archivist, etc. In Visual Arts - he uses techniques and varied languages, inserting chance as an important conceptual element in the elaboration or execution of several works, series and projects: Paranoia, Fuk The System, Pixel Art, Postal Art, Rabujos, etc. International Expos: — Glitch Art Is Dead - Gammut Gallery (Minneapolis, 2017) - — Asemic Tech (Barcelona, 2017) - In Literary / Informative Arts - he launched the book of psychedelic poems 'Quando Enlouqueci' (When I Went Mad) in 1995 and 'Amnesia' (200X). In 2015 he had two texts selected for the international collection 'Abstract | Ext', launched in Madrid and Berlin. As content curator he is obsessed with organizing news on Facebook themed pages, such as Ambiotech, AmbioTechBrasil, FemiNews, Sorocaba.som, Brasil2018, LiterisBrasil, I Love New Albums, Kino Ziur, World News of the Arts, and more. He is a collector and cataloger of graphic, printed and journalistic pieces since the 90's (Peterson Ruiz Archive). In Sound Arts (also under the moniker Ziurmuzik) - he acts or acted as vocalist, percussionist, anti-musical composer, self-producer, DJ, etc. Projects and researches: collages, psychomagnetic music, reduxxx album, magic gallon, nailphone, etc. He founded and sank the bands The End, Jasmin, and The Last Band. And participated once or twice, playing live manual electronic drums in the bands Ecos D'Alma and A Transgressão.