Georgia Hardman | Multidisciplinary Designer , Creative Director | Blackburn | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Blackburn
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Multidisciplinary Designer , Creative Director
Specialties: Painting, Concept building, Organising shoots

- About -

Georgia Hardman, or Polly as referred to by friends, recently completed a degree at Manchester School of Art, where she received a First Class Honours. As a multidisciplinary designer, Polly constantly draws inspiration from the world around her: cultures, scents, myths, philosophies. Each of her collections unfolds a dynamic and innovative twist to fashion design through her enthusiasm to push boundaries, triggering questions to present to society. Polly's love for textiles has woven into her artistic capability to present immersive worlds full of extraordinary set design and styling that not only are refined aesthetically but also tells a story. In her experience, the enjoyment of the viewer isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about the story behind the collection. This ethos, to explore and broaden horizons is what Polly strives for within my brand, Westweaves; hand painted illustrations are brought to life through patterns, props and garment customisation. Dynamically joining the dots between art and fashion, her work reflects her own life experiences, poking fun at life’s unpredictable conquests. Upcycle and renewal are Westweaves speciality; using the beloved clothing from clients and hunting for vintage pieces as a canvas, she skilfully breathes new life into the once tarnished and discarded item of clothing.