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Commisioned mural artist


I'm a hard worker . And reasonable
zoe ford

Arts professional


On completion of my Fine Art degree from Norwich University of the Arts I moved to London in search of a career in the arts.
This meant completing a series of internships with galleries, working at art fairs and festivals such as The Other Art Fair and London Festival of Photography and working alongside three established artist’s as an Artist’s Assistant. After almost two years in London completing a number of unpaid and temporary posts I decided to return to Norwich and have continued to create artwork, curate and install exhibitions and have also worked within the events industry. I am now looking to relocate back to London to further my career in the art field. Artist Statement: My artistic practice draws inspiration from an array of sources; The concept, process and outcome can be realised purely from one initial thought in a variety of physical or emotional environments or over time from a significant personal experience. I am particularly interested in human nature and life experiences that connect us together but also set us apart as individuals. I strive to create pieces that excite the audience as well as myself and create a curiosity in them, whether its about the medium, process or subject matter. Every individual has their own unique view and response and I appreciate and welcome this. In recent years I have found a passion for materials, process and experimentation, working in an array of mediums; from paint to textiles, clay to photography, and at times, a combination. Although I am driven to continue this development of ideas through material experimentation I felt the need to go back to the beginning, where my love for art and creating began, drawing. Drawing does not need to have limitations and I like to allow my ideas to come to fruition in whatever form may bring them to life, without restrictions. This exhibition revisits my first artistic passion and shows how my approach to creating has changed, developed and embraces conceptual fluidity. The display continues upstairs with a body of photographic work that articulates my fascination with using different media that aims to spark creative intrigue in the viewer.
Lucy Tostevin

Graphic Designer


Graphic Design graduate from London College of Communication. I am interested in design research, branding, curation, exhibition and event design. I like to solve problems with creative solutions. I believe it is important to produce sustainable design work.
Maiada Aboud



Maiada Aboud's work deals with ways that social and religious structures interconnect and influence the individual. Using endurance art, Maiada's interest in social and religious issues draws on a unique and personal perspective.
Born in Palestine (Christian Arab Israeli), graduated from Haifa University, and received her education in the UK: where she completed her Masters at Coventry University, and her PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Her study attempts to connect the social cultural analysis to the individual’s experience by way of using performance and relating it to culture and social life. The intention is to investigate cultural identity using endurance art with the objectives to establish if these performances are linked to collective identities.
Daniel Pateman



Editor of New York Photography diary and writer for London Photography Diary, among other freelance writing work.
Tamara Valkama

Artist/Painter Painter/Decorator


I'm Artist Painter, I live in Florence, ItalyAfter completion of my study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, I started working as a Painting interior decorator.
In parallel I continued to painting and to created works painted on canvas and painted sculptures.
Naveed Siddiqui


London Zurich U.S

Experienced Investment Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the arts industry.
Strong finance professional skilled in Sales, Statistical Modeling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Media Relations, and Management now focused in the arts sector; particularly interested in hearing from curators and directors of art fairs in Europe & North America.
Cheryl Lee Bowers

Visual Artits


I am a freelance photography and an artist. I love capturing "that special moment" and freezing time. I've had numerous art exhibitions and I have work on a fence located in Brooklyn through Art Bridge.
My camera is my best friend and I never leave home without it. I also paint in my spare time.