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Elmira Alieva



A freelance Retoucher from Russia with 3 years experience.
Passionate nature began her career as a photographer, at the moment completely absorbed in improving the skills of retouching. Skils: Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Capture one, Lightroom Advanced skin and beauty retouching skills (dodge&burn, frequency separation) Work with high resolution images been shot wiht macro lenses Color correction Strong eye and attention for details. My social media accounts: Publications: HUF Magazine Ellements Magazine MintSquare
Nancy Nieves


New York

I am a Puerto Rican self taught artist and a native New Yorker; unable to resist carrying on a love affair with all things art. I studied fashion design at Wood Tobe Coburn school and although I did not follow in that field, it strengthened my artistic skills.
I enjoy that art can be messy and I am not afraid to get in the face of a painting. I'll often use my painted fingertips, sometimes alternating with a brush. I work with a lot of color giving each piece a dramatic end result. Though I have never published my work, my affection for art has only grown stronger, along with my desire to share my creations.
Ari King


Norah Helmy

Visual artist


Im a visual artist that is versatile in the media i use, from traditional watercolor paintings and illustrations to digital collage and illustration and sculptures.
Karl Slater

Fashion, Portrait and Advertising Photographer


Karl Slater is a London based Fashion Photographer and Editor of Kaltblut Magazine. Through out his career Karl has studied and worked in fashion and set design, in which he soon discovered his interest in fashion photography.
Through years of professional experience in the fashion field, Karl's knowledge of colour and construction and his love of Avant-garde and innovative design, has provided him the incredible ability to express the raw emotion and beauty portrayed through each of his photographic images. In doing so, he successfully documents and frames the key detail of a garment and the personality of the concept, making the audience very aware of the intrinsic individuality of each photographed subject.
Leonidas Bratini



I’ve loved photography since very young, growing up in the Dominican Republic it was the only way for me to remember what my sister and mother looked like since they had moved to New York City when I was very little.
Then growing up in The Bronx, NY I always loved to see pictures from the early 20th century. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time just the way it was. This is my goal each time I take a photo.
Nivedita Thakur

5G Technology


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Mauricio Paz Viola

contemporary artist


Self-taught artist Mauricio Paz Viola (b 1985; Carmelo, Colonia, Uruguay) embarked on his artistic journey early in life. Dabbling in plastic art since 7, he has participated in various art competitions in his native Uruguay and abroad.
At 14, Paz Viola began to participate in group shows and individual shows nationally and internationally in galleries and museums in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, United States, Italy, among others. His work have been featured in doctoral studies programs in art in universities in Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Spain, and are frequently featured in magazines and art books, among which are Latin American Plastic Art Annual Review, High Impact: the Art of Visual (New York) as well as books in Venezuela,Spain, Argentina, UK, France, etc. The most notable influences of Paz Viola are Roberto Matta, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Joan Miró, Vasili Kandinski, Max Ernst, as well as Uruguayan artist and friend Javier Gil, who imbued a sense of motion into rigid objects as if everything had a life of its own – a concept expressed in Paz Viola’s series “Nothing in the Void”. Paz Viola artist statement I would define my artwork as a manifestation of self, an extension of my spirit or sub-consciousness, which is still beyond my grasp and lies at the deepest sphere of pure self. In particular, I try to minimize intellectual inclinations when I create to prevent the ego, the fictitious self from intervening, and hence my works are the most loyal reflections of who I am (dreamer, fantasy-prone, sensitive, sexual and a bit dark and gloomy sometimes). I paint, therefore I am. My works feature images of imaginary landscapes, empty or inhabited by unknown beings – landscapes that externalize a constant inner struggle of being human, that visualizes conflict between good and evil, between light and darkness… hence, the best way to describe my work is – landscapes inhabited by my own self, where a step forward is eternal light and a step backwards is total darkness. In reality, my work refrains from saying too much: it was never my idea to talk about politics or social matters in my work. More than anything, my oil paintings, watercolours and collages are an invitation to enter the world of dreams, where the viewer can escape from the mundane for a few moments – like some kind of hallucinogen – being in there and being as oneself, and see things in a different way. This is why I have chosen an abstract approach which provides such resources. I am convinced that these images exist somewhere in the universe, and that I have seen them in the many previous lives I have lived as a particle of cosmic dust and am now only re-creating these worlds, never before seen by others, with luxurious details and narratives. In a nutshell, a constant theme of my work is life itself as it is manifested in nature, the universe (or universes) and the infinite worlds and dimensions about which we know nothing, towards which biology, science, art try to grapple… in a word, LIFE.