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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
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Randa Abubakr


Fine Artist

Randa Abubakr an Egyptian Visual Artist .. 30 years old .. born in Al Minia .. lives in Gizah - Egypt started to participate in Art events and exhibitions at the age of 18 loves to express myself...
Lindsey Abudei



Singer-Songwriter, Performing/Recording Artist influenced by diverse genres— Rock, Blues, Jazz...
Samuel Hailu

addis ababa


My name is Samuel Hailu born in June 8 1988 at Wolkite, Gurage zone Southern Ethiopia. In 2012, i graduated from Addis Ababa University Alle school of fine art and design in department of painting...
Mahmoud Elkouriny



Mahmoud Elkouriny was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1973, he currently lives between Egypt...
ayoub mahboub


painting, portrait ,figure painting , nature landscape , stilllife

Ayoub mahboub Contemporary and portrait painter . iwant my work to reflects both classical and modern interpretations within one painting; cause that my passion is i love classical painting and...
rufus babatunde robinson


Graphic Designer, painter,photographer,

My art works took my inner being to interpret through lines, colours and every available materials to create what my soul most first love before any other audience choose to appreciate, love, collect...