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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
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Bryan Emry



A creative born and bred in Nairobi, who is eager to learn something new and is curious.
Mumbi Macharia


Spoken Word Poet

I don't like to say I'm an artist, I like to say I am the personification of art. I am a writer, event curator, spoken word poet, workshop facilitator, and performing artist from Nairobi, Kenya. I...
Ellis Oyekola


Dr. of Art History

I am an Artist,muralist and batik maker with a new style of painting calle Neo-Oyekolaforms. A Nigerian retired chief lecturer,gallery owner and Director, Centre for Afrikan art and Design,Awotan,...
rufus babatunde robinson


Graphic Designer, painter,photographer,

My art works took my inner being to interpret through lines, colours and every available materials to create what my soul most first love before any other audience choose to appreciate, love, collect...
olfa dabbabi


graphic designer

I'm a proffesional illustratrice , my work is based on womens . i used specific colours and have my ow identity in my work
Bennamane Mourad



20 years freelance graphic designer