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Eve Methot


Artist Augmented reality Digital creation

I am a freelance artist. My tools are photography, digital design and Augmented Realty. I worked for 20 years as a teacher in digital design and multimedia in Quebec. Presently, I work on a cycle...
Ava Margueritte



Ava Margueritte is a neurodiverse multidisciplinary artist, primarily focused on photo-based works and drawing, painting, and writing. Margueritte has a BFA from OCAD University in Fine Arts...
Tiffany April



I am a visual artist focused mainly in painting, acrylic and oil, around the themes of Post-humanism - deconstructing the barrier between humans, animals, and technology - using the malleable nature...
Tania Mujica-Mota


Actual visual and music artist

My statement For me, art is an experience and a way of doing (alone or also in the relationship you build with the others, in the way you do it). I am concerned for the way I do my artwork and how...
April Winter

Mayne Island


April Winter is an emerging artist living on the Southern Gulf Islands. After graduating with a BFA at OCADU she made the permanent transition to the west coast of Canada in 2015. Here she learned...
Pete Kasprzak


Artist / Art Director / Graphic Designer

I am a fun loving, creative that enjoys everything from comedy, art direction, art and boxing! I have been a graphic designer in Toronto and Los Angeles for 10+ years and have graduated in...