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Kelly Rose Adams



Kelly Rose Adams is a contemporary painter based in Toronto. She recognizes painting as a unique opportunity to expand upon reality. Adams layers visual metaphor with realist painting practices to...
natasha von



As an artist, sculptor, photographer and painter I glorify the human form, its beauty and spirit. My bronze sculptures explore flight. myth and classism. My canvasses are often the bodies of...
Shazia Ahmad



I have just completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Arts) degree at Concordia University, majoring in Painting and Drawing. I have a previous double major undergraduate degree in Art History and...
Nicole Mandelis


Fine artist

Nicole is a fine artist working in Toronto. She combines her North American and European heritages by touching on history, design and costume. Her preferred media are oil, acrylic and digital...
Rojin Shafiei


Video Artist

Rojin Shafiei is an Iranian artist living and working in Montreal. In her videos, art is a vehicle for the translation of cultural messages and is used to present diverse feminine subjectivities. She...
Diane Brinton


Artist- conceptual design development and creation

In my home studio, I create delicate art pieces and jewellery, mostly using glass. I use a torch mixing oxygen with gas to produce an intense heat that melts glass onto a steel rod, “mandrel”, for...