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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Styling, Interior Design, Illustration and more ...


Marta Pérez Ibáñez


PhD art historian, lecturer, researcher, arts consultant

PhD in History and Arts from the University of Granada, Spain. Master’s Degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid, Spain. Specialized in contemporary art market, with thirty years...
Vitalii Chelkis


Photographer, videographer

Photographer, videographer
Thomas Valianatos


Lecturer at ionian University

I am an Audiovisual Artist and i make New media Art because this kind of art deals with technology and it has many opportunities in expression field. I have the freedom and the curiosity to...



I was born in Madrid in 1975. I work as a civil servant and I've got a degree in law. I've been very passionate about Photography for more than 10 years and that love affair goes on. Self-taught...



I m italien artist and photographer based in Paris. My artwork is on body like mirror about human condition.
PJ Bruyniks


Visual Artist

As a child I often played with all kinds of materials to build temporary constructions. But when I “discovered” painting I thought I found my real interest. I wanted to learn how to paint as well as...