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Yessica Klein


content writer

Content writer with over 10 years of experience in producing online content, from SEO-optimized blog articles and social media posts to UX writing, copywriting and interviews. A prolific writer with...


Lead Graphic Designer

Artist and designer with a fascination for human contact and connection. Exploring what it means to be human, vulnerable and truly connected through art. Hoping to bring people closer now the world...
Vincenzo Curcio


Art teacher

Vincenzo Curcio (stage name, Vincenzo Cohen) is an Italian artist involved in nature conservation. He was born in Zurich (Switzerland) and after spending his childhood in Calabria, he moved from...
Birdy Tg



Birdy Tg is a French multimedia artist (photographer, painter, sculptor), writer (novelist, philosophical essayist, poet) and music author/composer. Passionate from his younger age by Art in any of...
Cecilia Cavalieri


Visual Artist

visual artist born in são paulo and based between paris and rio de janeiro. she holds a masters in fine arts from the state university of rio de janeiro [uerj] e is enrolled in the phd program at the...
Yozy Zhang Garvey



Yozy Zhang Garvey is a photographer and artist currently study and live in Berlin. She explores the body movement through the medium of photography, dance, and painting both in the position of...