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Dario Gi


Visual Designer

Dario Gi (April 14, 1986) is a contemporary artist and visual designer based in Padua, Italy.


Visual Artist

School of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTh. Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age. Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University.
Noemi Roswita Hans


Visual Artist

Noemi Roswita Hans born 1986 in Romania. Noemi works predominantly in the medium of painting, with a focus on acrylic painting. She is also a multidisciplinary designer and passionate about photography.
Her current body of work focuses on a detailed exploration concerning the female identities, including the female figure, body movements, female sexuality and symbolism – merged with geometric shapes, fluid lines, ordinary objects and abstract patterns. The resulting work is often eerie and spiritual, highlighted through color and shape. Although her paintings show apparently identifiable objects or figures, they remain atmospheric and evocative, deliberately constructing mystery through what remains unseen. She has shown her works in Great Britain, Italy and Romania.
Lys d'Or



Born as spin-off of blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro Lys d'Or is an art web gallery create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and collective exhibitions on a specific topic


Freelance Illustrator

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Parker, but you can call me KP. I'm a US-American born artist who currently lives and creates in Berlin. I am a freelance illustrator, artist, and graphic designer who is well-versed and varied in my abilities, styles, techniques, and services.
Examples of my capabilities include, but are not limited to: illustration, book cover/book illustration, murals, graphic design, photography, custom paintings, and card design. I'm available for commission and freelance. Please feel free to contact me for further inquiries:
Make a Move UAT

Targu Mures

lect. univ. dr.

Works at the University of Arts, Târgu-Mureș, a partner in the "Make a Move" project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union
Tiziana Longo



Emerged from the bottom of the Sea as a submarine vulcano Brave, Creative, Open minded Existing with a Reason


visual artist

visual artist from Cluj-Napoca