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Witte Wartena



As an ‘embedded reporter’ I want to report on my daily life through cityscapes, (group) portraits, interiors and still lifes. The detailed registration of my memories is important to me. The devil is in the detail or is it God?
Although sometimes something may seem simple at first glance, on closer inspection it often has several layers and meanings. My drawings are like a diary or photo album to record my memories of locations, moments and events that usually take place in art circles. The documentation of the art world and the events is easily recognizable to insiders in my work. The work is neither a glorification nor a criticism, only a registration. The interpretation is up to the viewer. Sometimes my drawings refer to works from art history and sometimes I record what I see in my immediate environment. In recent times, I have tried to break the rules and customs that I have imposed on myself and which have made me feel limited. The drawings from this period show what inspired me; works by other artists, exhibitions, art fairs, books and even my own older work. In a few drawings I portray myself sitting in front of a blank sheet, the Tabula rasa. On the desk are books, magazines, fl yers, my earlier work and a MacBook all of which were previously depicted in other drawings. This creates a quirky semiotic universe of (pictorial) elements that interlock, refer to each other, and generate new meanings.
Julie Meitz


Multimedia Artist

ENGLISH (Français ci-dessous) I'm a Multimedia Artist. Video art, video mapping, video jockey, art installations, new media... I have performed and exhibited my work internationally.
I have a degree in film studies and another in computers with over 16 years of work experience as Programmer in the USA. Residing in France, I also instruct English. FRANCAIS Je suis une artiste multimédia. Art vidéo, vidéo mapping, vidéo-jockey, installation art, nouveaux médias... J'ai réalisé et exposé mon travail à un niveau international. J'ai une licence de cinéma et un diplôme en informatique avec plus de 16 ans d'expérience de travail en tant que programmeur aux États-Unis. Résidant en France, j'enseigne également l'anglais.
Anto Christ



Anto Christ is a Maltese-born, Australian-raised artist whose body of work incorporates varying media including crochet, painting, photography, make-up, costume, video, performance and installation.
Innovative and experimental, she speaks from a surrealist perspective that presents in psychedelic, shape-shifting forms. Her paintings of multi-layered images, splats and drawn detail come to life before your eyes. Like cloud watching, Anto Christ’s paintings are open to be interpreted differently by each viewer. Anto Christ is motivated by her desire to break through modern-day boundaries of excessively rational, traditional and conservative thought, resulting in a challenging and thought-provoking quality to her work. Graduating from COFA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010, Anto Christ’s work continues to evolve. This evolution reveals an ever-changing alternate universe of intricate detail and pure colour explosion. As the creator of her own universe, Anto Christ brings her own fantastical world to life. This can be seen in her original painted characters making their transformation into stunning, painstakingly handcrafted 3-dimensional crocheted creatures. In addition to her many artistic endeavours, Anto Christ keeps busy as co-founder and co-organiser of The Colour Parade and The Carnival of Electric Illusions. The Colour Parade has been active annually in Sydney and Melbourne since 2007, with international focus commencing in 2013. Like her performance installations, these events aim to bring people together through an appreciation of colour, open-mindedness and diversity. Anto Christ’s vision operates on directly questioning the status quo and addressing negative values and patterns of thought within society. Currently based in Berlin, Anto Christ’s distinctively original style is constantly evolving and inspiring others as she brings them together through an active curiosity of the world.
klaus wittmann


concept artist
Stas Leontev



My career started in print through illustration and graphic design. I quickly became the product art director at YotaPhone—the most successful mobile start-up in Russia, and the design director at More, a department of BBDO—one of the top 10 advertising agencies in the world.
At the moment, I’m working as a UIUX product lead designer on a social trading platform at Exness, in Cyprus. In total, I have over 12 years of design experience. Portfolio and cv:
Yelena Myshko


Engaged Feminist Maker

Yelena Myshko (1985, Kyiv) is an Artist based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She is exploring the social and visual phenomena of the current Zeitgeist.
With both her theoretical and soma immersive research methodologies she tries to find and extrapolate existential tension points within the socio-cultural environment from which she creates Art, Fashion and Theory.


Art curator

I started my career as a product designer and then specialised in media relations, responsible for all the communication and the press office for design studios as well as for press agencies. Then I took the decision to study Art curation and started working as Curator.
I had the good fortune to curate already two group exhibitions (one for an art fair in Turin, one for a private client in Sassuolo) and I am currently working on a solo show for an art gallery in Milan. I am so a multidisciplinary person, with a strong background in design, public relations and communication, with experience in dealing with artists and collectors. I am also working on a new art magazine project, together with artists, photographers and designers as art editor.
Maja Wrońska


Architect and illustrator

I work as a freelance watercolor painter, illustrator and architect.