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Robert Zietara


Visual artist

I am a man who has been painting since ever. I feel great joy when I can share a bit of my world with some other people. My Artwork is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in.
Nature is the most direct and intense inspiration. My pri nciple medium, oil on canvas is the genesis of artistic method. I am interested in detail, which is visible in all my works, as the most attainable and close to the real life element of painting. My works are created through the accumulation of the details and layers. Each of them is somehow an individual collection of signs and motives consist of the whole new system. My favorites subjects are portraits, horses and landscapes and surreal images. Although I was born in Poland I spent most of my life abroad having lived in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Norway. During my long stay in Greece, back in ninetieths, I founded my own gallery "Robert Art Gallery" in Nafplio. I was lucky enough to live in Greece for many years. Dealing everyday with the spirits of art of our civilization is like a feast with the Gods of Olympus. In addition to my paintings I am a landscaping designer in 3D, graphic designer, photographer and film maker.
Domix Garrido


Performance Artist

Domix Garrido develops his artistic discourse based on the perception and the therapeutic and sociopolitical communication: migration, displacements and borders are the field of action of his emotional poetics with the aim of provoking collective reflections and feelings.
Since 2009 he directs in Spain the International Festival of Performance "Abierto de Acción". His artistic work has been developed in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and United Kingdom among other countries. Selected by the EEA Grants of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Oslo, for the IV Biennial of Latin American Art, Bronx Museum, New York and for the 5th PerfoArtNet International Performance Biennial, Bogotá
Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni


Art journalist & writer

Three years ago, my art professor asked me: why art? It strongly challenged me. My path is a particular one. I have graduated with honours at two among the best business schools in Europe, in Milan and Paris.
I have been customizing my career by selecting art exams, with professors the calibre of Andrea Lissoni. My natural curiosity pushed me outside of the academic walls, so I started writing for a contemporary art review and travelling to a lot of events such as Frieze, TEFAF, Art Basel, FIAC. Those years have been fundamental for me to develop a critical thought and research method: I literally devoured art exhibitions and met the artists whose artworks talked me the most, if they were alive, like Bill Viola, or their curators, like Jerry Gorovoy. Before completing my studies, I went to Cape Town as the curator’s assistant of a contemporary art gallery, because I wanted to explore not-western approaches towards artistic practices. The Parisian double degree followed immediately afterwards, where I had this full immersion into French culture through collaborations with museums like the Centre Pompidou, blended with a Chinese touch, thanks to the field project made in Shanghai. My internship at Gagosian Gallery completed this intricated puzzle, by showing me the international art market. Once having discussed my thesis about Villa Panza, I have sensibly changed domain. First, I have worked on the production of an art film about Caravaggio at Sky Italy; then I brought an art project based on the collaboration with migrants to the European Parliament. After few months, the Guggenheim selected me for its summer internship in New York, but I refused, because, as for every love affair, my relationship with art was undergoing a crisis. At that time, I was working with Italian film director Marco Bellocchio on his new film, The Traitor. Today I choose art, because it is where I can give my contribution, through curating. To me curating is about sewing differences and distances with an invisible thread and putting the broken pieces together with gold. Like I did all my life. If art is, as Nicolas Bourriaud says, a relational space, I live in that space.
Peter Allen



When i was a kid we went on holidays all over the UK; rambling, cycling, castles and ruins, mountains, beaches and islands, birds and plants...
Later on, i studied graphic design at Liverpool and Aberystwyth and worked in printmaking with lino-cuts, stencilling and letterpress. I came to France with a travel bursary to research popular prints, and stayed on. Home is a family and two cats in a house in a garden in the Lorraine region. My work is a mix of all this and i get a lot of pleasure out of describing the world that's all around us. When i'm not making pictures for books i make dry stone walls. i also feed birds, climb on rocks and cycle up hills. I am a member of the Association Of Illustrators, You Can Now and Central Vapeur, Strasbourg. Anorak magazine
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Giovanni De Benedetto


Visual Artist

Giovanni De Benedetto is an Italian visual artist and musician and his research regard the impact that his works have on the audience. During the last 8 years, Giovanni released “Premature”, his debut full-length album, he developed 3 multimedia projects and 4 live performances:
PREMATURE (2009 - ....) multimedia project: photos and video art - exhibition Under Epiderma (2010) multimedia project: photos, video-clip, and music - exhibition Premature (2014) full-length album - industrial rock performance FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas (2015) multimedia project: video art and an electronic live set Casa Cavazzini Gallery Live Performance (2016) live electronics played together with a lyrical singer DOGSIC (2017) interspecies performance During the last 4 years De Benedetto exhibited his work PREMATURE across several cities like Paris (France) at Louvre Museum (digitally on screen), Venice (Italy) at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and at Venice Art House Gallery, in Bangkok (Thailand) at The Ferry Gallery, in Klodzko (Poland) at Christian Centre for Culture and in Miami (USA) at the Scope International Art Show (digitally on screen).
David Fernandez



Spanish cultural project manager, event organiser, digital media consultant and contributing writer with a strong and broad arts and culture knowledge and professional network in Asia and Europe.
Passionate about arts, culture and digital media, I have geared my education and recent work experience towards a career in this exciting and rapidly growing creative industry by completing a B.A in Media, Advertising & Public Relations and a M.A. in Art & Culture Management. After more than a decade, I have built my professional profile around interconnected fields such as media, advertising, marketing, arts and culture management, digital publishing and social media.