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Maria Cristina Vimercati


Independent photographer

Mariacristina Vimercati was born in 1959 in Milan, Italy, where she graduated at the High School of the Arts and in stage design from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and earned a Masters degree...
Stavros Ditsios


Visual Artist

The paintings of Stavros Ditsios, are inspired by abstract expressionism, deeply symbolic in seeking answers to basic existential questions. The artist abolishes the realistic form, however keeps the...
Alessia Locatelli curator


Master Mba FSE C/O BRERA academy (MI)

. She collaborated with Mr. D.Curti in managing past editions of SiFest Festival and the Canon Award. She focuses in photography and become an Independent Curator, organizing exhibitions – in public...
Lorenzo Setti


Music Producer/Musician/Drums Teacher

Born Lorenzo Setti on September 1992, in Carpi - Italy he has been playing, as drummer, on the stage of renowned live clubs as well as in recording studios at an early age. He played in Europe and...
Maria Sideri



I am a multidisciplinary artist. My work is connected to my background in anthropology. I am looking at the body as a material, the body as an object and as a landscape. Currently I am doing my...

Villeneuve VD


Artiste Valaisan Suisse, né le 30.07.1957 à Monthey. Mon travail et la recherche des couleurs et des matériaux se mariant avec la peinture à l'huile uniquement. J'ai fait une quarantaine exposition...