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Pedro Vasconi


Exhibition's Coordinator

Contemporary Art exhibitions’ coordination and research / Projects' production in Contemporary Arts, Cultural Management, International Cooperation for Culture, Communications and Institutional Relations / Projects' coordination on Human Development and Education.

Brie Comte Robert

Le capricieux photographe

I am an autodidact and I never took any class. I have learned photography by practicing it with passion.
Since 15 years and with the arrival of the digital, I went from photography to artistic creation using my own photographs.I met with people from the artistic field who became friends : Valérie Perrier-Sarrazin, art teacher and critic ; Micheline Leberre, graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Paris, drawer and artist-painter and Edith Poinsot-Lardy, artist's agent. They encouraged me to exhibit my work. I followed their advice and I exhibited my creations at the Oberkampf gallery in 2013. The positive feedbacks of the visitors reinforced my choice to continue in that direction. At the end of 2016, I invented the "Carrocatures", which propose a digital and modern version of caricature. After several exhibitions and the feedbacks of visitors, I am convinced of the originality of my work and I'm trying to make it known abroad. To see my solo and group exhibit.
Monica Musoni


Visual Artist

Italian-Portuguese born in Nigel, South Africa, in 1972. Graduated in International Relations, from Lusíada University of Lisbon.
Jessica Philbrick


Freelance Artist

Jessica is a feminist artist originating from New Zealand and currently residing in Berlin. Shortly after graduating from the Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand, Jessica was nominated as a finalist for the NZ Emerging Artist Awards for 2018 for her photographic series ‘Pe
rforming Femininity’ 2018. Jessica has received much recognition for her work from members of the University, members of the public and participants of her various socially and politically charged projects. 
 Jessica is a contemporary feminist artist working with photography and video to explore the current construct of femininity through appearances. While reflecting on previous feminist theories on femininity, Jessica also conducts interviews (video and audio), to gather real life insights from young women in order to contextually analyse their thoughts. Her video and photographic works aim to be informed by the interview material and re-present the content as a performance of femininity. This is done by reflecting on the participants’ contribution and translating their insights into performed acts of femininity, such as the nominated work ‘I am Georgia’, video still, 2018. In turn, these works present an insightful take on young woman’s ambivalences with their relationship to their feminist beliefs versus their identification with their personal sense of femininity. 

 Jessica is also a painter and film photographer. Her photographs and paintings continue make use of a feminine colour pallet and play with a somewhat fictional representation of real stories. In a similar vain to her Performing Femininity works, her paintings offer a reflection on domestic spaces (some may say ‘feminine spaces’) which is nostalgic and poignant. These empty interiors aim to present a similar unease as her feminist videos to urge a conversation around the everyday thoughts and emotions relating to a young woman’s sense of space, appearance, femininity and feminism.
Lorenzo Oggiano


Visual Artist

Lorenzo Oggiano is an award-winning artist working in photography, video, new media, installations, assemblages. He has a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Visual Arts, University of Bologna / D.A.M.S. (Drama, Art and Music Studies).
Since the early nineties is engaged in an artistic and theoretical research concerning the biological, sensorial and cognitive mutations induced by technologies, and the aesthetic and communicative potentiality of new media tools. His work has been shown in several museums, galleries, public spaces in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, and can be found in several public and private collections worldwide.
Simone Morana Cyla



Italian artist specialized in unique digital paintings and photographic manipulations. International Exhibitions 300+ Published Artworks
Markus Green


Photographic Artist

Markus Green is a photographic artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Born in 1985 to a German mother and an American father in Savannah, GA, USA, he has been formed by a multitude of cultural influences and inspirations growing up with a mixed-culture background in Germany. Formally educated in the fields of Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy in Germany and Japan, he chose to lay down the pen in favor of the camera and deals with questions of the self and it’s relation to the world. Photography has become a form of meditation and introspection for him, resulting in artworks that invite the viewer to reflect on him or herself. Henri Matisse stated „Exactitude is not truth“, and in that tradition Markus does not try to depict our world as exactly as possible, but wants to explore what emotions our surroundings produce upon us. Rationally comprehending and intuitively interpreting our Experience are equally important in the pursuit of true meaning. The duality of using a traditionally rational process, photography, utilized to demand an emotional, subconscious reading of his work is characteristic of his approach. His work is in private collections on four continents, and his work has been displayed in multiple group showings in Europe.
Monis Bukhari



Born in Damascus, Syria, in 1978, Study art and filmmaking, Cinematography so photography. Studied, practiced, taught, and written about the art and science of intentional networking and cultivating powerful conversations, connections, and business referrals and history science
for more than 15 years.