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Roma Veguerri


Visual Merchandesign

Creative, participatory, enthusiastic, tolerant, responsable and active. I studied a Bachelor in Visual Arts and a Master in Fashion and Marketing. I like to work in teams and help to others to solve...
Azucena Ibarra

Monterrey Nuevo León

Master in Arts

I´m a 39 year old artist. I finished my masters degree in Universidad de Baja California, México. I was born in Moterrey, Nuevo Leon and moved a lot around the country. Currently I'm working as an...



Hi, I’m Paul a self taught artist from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I have drawn throughout my life and have now been trying to take it more seriously and also take it to higher levels.
Michelle Magallon

Panama City


I am an artist from Panama City, Panama graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University in 2019. I focus on painting, sculpture, and performance. My current practice explores the...
Alex Garant



Queen of Double Eyes, Alex Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame–De-Foy College just outside Quebec City. After graduating in 2001, she ultimately settled in Toronto, Canada. She decided to truly...
Jordan Baraniecki


Multi-media Artist

Jordan Baraniecki is a contemporary artist is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.