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Judith Rios


Visual artist

I am a painter from Mexico. My paints are inspired by customs, people and cultural richness of my country. I graduated from Rufino Tamayo´s plastic arts school and I have more than 30 years of...
Kate Roy


Multi-Disciplinary Artist

BIO Kate Roy is an Emerging Canadian visual artist and has found a passion for research within the art world. Discovery, Analysis and examination are major aspects of conducting her bodies of work....

Ciudad de México


My name is Francisco Rondón, I'm a Stylist & Creative Director based in México City.
Natalie Oliphant

Medicine Hat

Natalie Oliphant Art

Seeker of found objects to create new meaning and use.
Yanin Ruibal

Mexico City

Visual Artist

I'm a visual artist and illustrator currently based in Mexico City.
Diedre McLeod


Business Strategist

Friends and colleagues often describe me as "fun-loving, yet practical with a curious mind". I am a business oriented, creative, dynamic, amiable, level-headed, strategic thinker. Wow a lot of...