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Geank Solano


Geank Solano studio

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Caribbean region. The curiosity about the world took me in adventure, I learn how to manipulate metals and start doing jewelry since I was 16, then I start traveling...



Working with photography and video, the artwork of Stéphanie are mainly urban and natural landscape captured in a contemplative way. She is interested in documenting banal places by collecting...
Judith Rios


Visual artist

I am a painter from Mexico. My paints are inspired by customs, people and cultural richness of my country. I graduated from Rufino Tamayo´s plastic arts school and I have more than 30 years of...
Julia Hacker


an Artist

I am Canadian artist of Russian background. I work as a full-time artist, combining time between painting, private teaching, and volunteering.


Global artist

My artistic practice is a priori in the exploration of the Moebius effect as well as in the homeomorphism and disembodiment of the flesh. Whether there is taboo or not, I lift this great veil over...
Ryan Alward



An architect, photographer, graphic designer, and more - my training is in civil engineering, visual arts, and architecture. The aim of my work across all media is to show that beauty is everywhere...