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Mario Resende

New York


I am an artist from Puerto Rico currently living in New York City. My career began since I was very young, bing part of different collectives such as ADM and El Corográfico. Japan, Brasil and...
Gabrielle Hoole



At first glance one is drawn in by the expansive spectrum of colours and patterns as well as the characters that welcome you into their narrative. I have worked to create dimension in my art by...
Hannah Dickson


Art Historian

I am currently completing my MA in Contemporary Art, Design, and New Media Art Histories at OCADU. I'm interested in working with the intersections of gender, sexuality, and performance art, and am...
Aaron Kaufman


Graphic Artist

Aaron Kaufman is a multi-disciplinary graphic artist currently living and working in Montreal, Canada. Since graduating in 2011 from Concordia University with a BFA, Aaron has grown immensely as a...
Carlos Muñoz

Ciudad de México


I am Carlos, a visual artist who enjoys music, psychedelia, cosmic themes and explosions of color. I studied design and visual communication to later specialize in illustration in the last years of...
Victor Boyer



My name is Victor Boyer, I'm a young artist based in Montreal, Québec. I specialize in Painting, Drawing, illustration. All handmade.