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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Styling, Interior Design, Illustration and more ...


Michelangelo Petrillo


Motion Graphics Designer

I'm an Audiovisual Journalist who decided to become an artist because I wanted to be free. I'm passionate about the multimedia world. Therefore, my work speaks innovation, dynamism, interactivity,...
Dani Lee



When I paint the thing I focus on the most is subconsciousness. I reach deep and touch my own subconscious and express everything within me in the most honest manner. It is ‘me’ that is stripped away...
Tuca Paoli



I am passionate about visual storytelling. I use many formats to create and transform ideas into images. Videos, photos, reportages, collages , web series and short documentaries.
Elena Capoccia


Fashion Illustrator

My name is Elena and I am an Italian Fashion Illustrator graduated at the Accademia di Costume e Moda of Rome, after which I deepend my passion for Illustration, attending one full year classical...
Anderson Kaltner


Bachelor of human sciences

Monica Musoni


Visual Artist

Italian-Portuguese born in Nigel, South Africa, in 1972. Graduated in International Relations, from Lusíada University of Lisbon.