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Maria Ramon Vazquez


Product Designer

I’m a Spanish product designer, based in London, where I recently finished my MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art. I specialize in crafts and making and have a special interest in 3D...
Ritchelly Oliveira


Artist Ritchelly Oliveira

Ritchelly Oliveira, 25, a visual artist, graduated in the visual arts from the Federal University of Goias (UFG), started his work in 2012, where he began to take his first professional steps in...
Lola K

Berlin (Kreuzberg)


I am a self thought artist from Belarus, currently based in Berlin.
Leoni Nachbauer

Freiburg im Breisgau

Physical theatre artist and teacher

My determination to explore creativity in movement, picture and writing has brought me to many interesting places. I´ve been working as an artist in companies with physical theatre, dance and circus...
Ghost Rider


Digital Marketing

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Juliana Spínola

São Paulo

Artistic Director

Bachelors Degree in Artistic Education and Performing Arts by the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Awarded academic exchange by the UNAM (Mexico). Founder and CEO of La Pacha Apapacha, Co-founder of...