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Chiara Cuoghi


Content creator

I’m a young women, who is trying to find her path in this world. I love working in a team and learn always new skills. I am ambitious and hard worker. I push myself hard to step out of my comfort...
Enddy Rodrigo

Puerto Vallarta

Fine artist

Enddy Rodrigo born in Yelapa, Jalisco, is a Mexican painter presently living in Laguna Beach, California. Enddy is currently a BFA candidate pursuing a degree in painting at Laguna College of Art and...
David Gayse



I am David. Since our world is build on labels to be categorized and thus to be understood, I could assign the following labels, such as artistic, artist, broad-minded, philosophical and sensitive to...
Tzu-Yun Hung


Jewellery Designer

Tzu-Yun Hung is a Taiwanese jewelry designer working and living in Germany. She draws her inspiration from materials that are easily available in everyday life. Such as disposable cutlery, sponges,...
Marina Medef

Belo Horizonte


I'm Brazilian artist. My ambition is to work with visual art and design, seeking challenges and working internationally.
Birta Gudjonsdottir


Curator of Contemporary Art

I am working independently in the arts and I am open to various projects that want to find their way to me. . Birta Gudjonsdottir (b. 1977) is a curator and artist living in Berlin and...