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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Styling, Interior Design, Illustration and more ...


Lu Oliari

Sinop - MT


Brazilian, photographer, graduated in Advertising, specialist in Fundamentals of Culture and Arts - Visual Arts Knowledge Area. Also specialist in Advertising Communication and Marketing. Master in...
Clarissa Ximenes

São Paulo

Curator and artist

Artist and assistant curator at Associação Cultural Videobrasil.
Mai-Britt Wolthers


Visual Artist

I am a danish artist living in Brazil since 1986 , and I have been a professional artist since 1994 .
Leandro Pereira de Souza

Belo Horizonte


I'm sound artist and I'm PHd in music. I have some works in digital and interactive arts My actual research is about music and dance interaction with moviment capture.
Mateo Jiménez Rodríguez



Hi! My name is Mateo Jiménez, I´m an actor, illustrator and graphic designer from Colombia. As an actor I have experience working for dofferent projects such as TV, web series and movies....

Buenos Aires


Architect | Professional 2D...