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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Dance, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Styling, Interior Design, Illustration and more ...


Zachary Woods

Brooklyn NY

Head of Partnerships

Zachary seeks to curate simple yet profound moments enhanced by artistic vision and expertise in digital media, Through intentional experiential practices, it’s possible to afford people the...
Alexandra Rak

New York City


I completed my undergraduate education at George Washington University and a Mini-MBA at Rutgers University. Born and raised in New York, I am able to work in a fast paced environment. I have a BA...
Hester Schell



Retired academic in film and theatre, tenured. Award winning director. Master acting teacher. Provincetown Fall Play Festival, San Francisco Fringe (winner), New England Russian Theatre Festival,...
Natalia Medellin

New York

Visual arts Degree

I am a visual artist from Colombia, I am based in New York city studying a certificate in Fine Arts. I like to make illustrated books and i have been working with different clients doing...
David Gaither

Atlanta/New York

International Contemporary Painter

I am currently exploring a movement I have termed "Maximalism," which involves employing a myriad of intricate shapes and ultra-saturated, bold, bright colors, over-emphasizing the detail and...
Kasmir Jones

New York New York

Multifaceted Interdisciplinary Artist

Kasmir Alyse is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Digital Archivist, and Visual Research Designer.