Open Call 'SENDING LOVE TO THE WORLD' All Welcome!




Sending Love to the World / by Miya Rosa Marques

‘Sending Love To the World’

is an OPEN CALL for artists from all around the world, who would like to make this world a little bit better through their art!


Why ‘Sending Love To the World’?

Unconditional love is the cure for human-made hatred and anxieties. In fact, all negativity is human-made and a result of the absence of love. Where unconditional love is, negativity does not exist. Love is superior compared to hatred and anxieties; as light is superior to darkness. Switch the light on and darkness disappears. Unconditional love is a choice. So, let’s just chose love over hatred. Let's send love to the world!



Participating is really simple. Regardless of your age, profession, ethnic, cultural, or educational background; whether you consider yourself an artist or not; all you need to do is to follow the guidelines on our website
Read the summary of the guidelines below:

  1. Interpret and visualise the theme of ‘Sending Love To The World’​
  2. Put your ideas down on a small-scale format. The longer side of your original artwork shall be no larger than 23,5cm. 
    It can be of course smaller!
  3. You may use any artistic tools to design your miniature/small-scale artwork: pencil, colours, collage, photography, …​
  4. All submissions that convey the core principles of Theoretical Art will be included in the installation in Hong Kong. Simply said, if your original artwork includes solely the positive and constructive forms of artistic expression and conveys the spirit of love and beauty, you are in. Your artwork travels to Hong Kong and will be presented to the world!​
  5. Important, your artwork will not be sent back to you. Instead it will be either gifted to an individual or institution that strive towards positive change in the world; or sold for charity purposes to support non-profit social projects.​
  6. All submissions will be presented and promoted online prior the event in Hong Kong. Therefore, please send your artwork together with the participation form to the address below as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the final closing date for entries is January 15, 2018.


Palmi // Theoretical Art Residency
Calle Salut 21
Apartment 2-C
07600 Llucmajor
Majorca // Spain



Application Fee: