The Evolution Challenge




CREA’s Weeklys Challenges are week-long art challenges crafted to get the creative juices flowing! This weeks inspiring theme is Evolution!

“We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion year old carbon”- Joni Mitchel, 1970

It is scientifically proven that our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies, that, through evolutionary processes, have given rise to biodiversity in, species, organisms, and molecules.

In the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin formulated the scientific theory of evolution on his famous book The Origin of Species. This book, written for non-specialist, has generated scientific, philosophical, and religious discussion since its publication.

Evolution and its process are a massive source of inspiration for artists, musicians, writers and designers who give birth to their creations while developing their personal style. In this challenge we want to hear your thoughts on evolution in a personal, social, or global level. Post a picture, song, video, collage, poem that depicts change, growth; evolution.

The challenges are open all public. Simply download the Creativechain’s app, create an entry fitting with the challenge, add the specific tag, and you’re in!

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