55 Years of Huh Hwe-Tae Art Life - Flowers of Life




55 Years of Huh Hwe-Tae Art Life – Flowers of Life

Emographic Artist Huh Hwe-Tae is well known in Sweden, America, Germany, and England by displaying his art objects as a unique contemporary artist in art critique world and mass media.  He is having a special solo exhibition celebrating his 55 years of art life at Insa Art Center in Seoul, Korea during April 26-May 2, 2017.

He is well known as the creator of Emography and has been working hard with artistic spirit and passion for last 55 years and the pioneer of unique painting based on calligraphy principles.

His ‘Great Birth” series art objects are followed by ‘Flowers of Life’ series in this exhibition.  By expressing the greatness of new living objects, he tried to represent maximized mysteriousness.

To flourish the flowers of life, he is enchanting the symbolism of life which is trying to grow in holiness by love.  To bloom a new human life with hope, he tried to express his new ideas by flourishing flowers. 

Emography is based on human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, and joyfulness and he interpreted them again creatively to express his own ‘emotional world’ on a white paper with his power and chi through very quick brushstrokes to create dynamic and symbolic images.  He is trying to visualize “the Great Birth” in his mind by populating a canvas with numerous wrapped paper pieces to flourish the new “Flowers of Life” in representing beautiful lives of human beings.  

To approach the audiences more actively, he converted this innovative art genre from a two-dimensional plane paper to new trial of three-dimensional concept of the 'Emosculpture' (Emosculpture = Emography + Sculpture).

Different from existing current art objects, he created his own unique painting method as a modern artist with artistic character and emotions.  

To communicate with the audiences with his philosophic world approaching toward an origin of life, he is assigning new profound meanings to his art objects. 

As all the objects are working together to make the universe, he is trying to show continuity of life, energy in the infinite space, and primitive phenomena of life through his art objects.  

To attract the spirit and soul of audiences, he introduced his own new form order and contemporary art to be aligned with the current age. 

The essence of art is creation of beauty and striving and challenge to new beauty.  His canvas is a garden filled with Flowers of Life reciting the life in our live residing nests.  

The artist wanted to express the beautiful world of harmonious ‘Flowers of Life’ by working on his ‘Emosculpture’ art objects to advance toward the world of resonating live wavelengths inch by inch.                      

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