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''The thing...''

''The thing...'' oil on canvas,70/50/4 sm

Original 100% handmade oil painting painted with palette knife on canvas.All my art works are stamped with my personal stamp.When buying a picture invoiced
The picture is a unique one of a kind.I work with quality oil paints that retain the work fresh, and the top bringing ferniz to protect picture.
Along with the invoice you will receive a certificate of authentisity with your name,if the work is a gift certificate will write the recipient's name with wishes.
Asia Djibirova is a Bulgarian artist 37 years old
She studied fashion design in Plovdiv Bulgaria.Since child painting, he has been professionally engaged in 17-year-olds.Works in a modern impressionist style and abstract, draws portraits, landscapes, and stil lifes.The work of Asia is inspired by the richness of colors around the world, so her paintings are full of color and emotion.The artist works entirely with oil paints and spatula and brush.Asia is an artist who does not close in a single style, she works in impressionism, absurd and classical style.
All this can be seen in the work of young artists. She has been looking for herself and herself to express herself for all her years, but she finds it and likes to paint with the palette knife, which shows her very best..
Paintings of the artist are owned by private collections in England, Germany, USA, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey

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