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Discarded Objects

Hope (polar bear), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Plastic Bottle (private collection)
Ahoy!, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Plastic Bottle
Cyltonic, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Cleaning Agent Can
Tropical, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can

An on going artistic project where I grow and create eco systems on trash, broken, found or thrifted objects.
We have never produced and consumed as much items and products as currently, thus our impact on the environment has never been as big.
We have created cities and roads to physically cut us from where we belong, nature, intellectually putting us apart from it.
But we are only another animal, part of a whole.
It is up to us to make the needed changes, so we can continue to thrive as a species, without putting an end to all the others.

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Igor illustration by Andy Catling
Andy Catling
Nikola Tamindzic
Lambis Stratoudakis
Yu Tsai
Arielle Wilkins
Sébastien Thibault

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