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SERIES'' Flower Woman ''

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melody of love,....72x92cm,..pencil,watercolor
your shape..35x50cm...pencil,watercolor
hug me,pencil-watercolor,56x76cm
i am here,...65x75cm..pencil-watercolor


My name is Fotini Pappa and I live in Athens, Greece. Painting for me is like poetry, a need of expression, a way to share my feelings and I am pursuing it intensively since 1997 as self-taught. A great piece of my work concerns projects inspired by poems. I use acrylics, water colors and mostly pencil which I particularly love. My favorite painting subjects are flowers and women. In turn Flower Woman I participated in several exhibitions in my country and internationally. The series is dedicated against violence against women. My first participation in an exhibition was in December 2013, in Athens, by winning in a competition organized by Energy Athens of European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Since then, I have participated in four individual exhibitions and have been taking part in numerous group shows. In August 2015, he took part in the Kefalonia International Art Festival in the Municipal Picture Gallery of Kefalos. In March 2017 she took part in the International Women's Art Exhibition2017 Art in India. In June 2017, after a contest with her work ‘’WILD ROSES’’ and June 2018 her work ‘’Pease’’, she took part in the International Art Book Spotlight 1 and spotlight 6,of Circle Foundation for the Arts. In June 2017 and March 2018 I participated in ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0 in Switzerland and in New York. In October 2017 and 2018 and ARTBOX.GALLERY ZURICH March 2019 ,he took part in the exhibition that took place in Athens at the History Museum of the University in the framework of the 7th-8th World Philosophical Forum. In October he also took part in the International held in Olympia during the Olympic Games. On 7/12/18 in Milan honored with the Caravaggio-great master of art award for the characteristic writing of my works Finally, some of my paintings have been covers in poetry books and some of them have won International awards in international web competitions.

Painting for me is like poetry, a need of expression, a way to share my feelings ...
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Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh
Jonathan Leder
Michele Palazzo / Photographer , Giorgio Casu / Artist
Juan Travieso

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