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The painting of Pretta is a free, spontaneous

art. Primitive in the synthesis that goes beyond time and space in which I created it.

her paint instin- ctively, with an unconventional way, allergic to the rational se- verity of reali- ty, overlapping layers of color, soaring toward the “ground zero” of drawing: very close to that of the children, but with an adult’s awareness. “ Mine are archetypal

forms, essen- tial, elementary, uncontaminated, like an ancestral code expressing one’s own reali- ty, in continuous dialogue between one and many, or- der and disorder, aggregation and separation.”

She play on the highest and most brilliant ranges of colors, full of energy, bur- sting into color spots and full and flat naif pat- terns. A free- dom of expression which, throu- gh a methodical practice, resul-

ts in a number of recurring moti- fs, always on the edge between ab- straction and fi- guration.

With figures fluctuate, li- ght, as suspended in a magical mo- ment that cancels the physicali- ty of the support and are projected into a distant dimension, as if they were retur- ned to the roots of childhood, in that memory that emerges as sea stacks out of a large expanse of salt water. 

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