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If I had to answer the question what is photography? I would reply that creating an image based on independent thinking. If someone asked me what is the life of a human being? Similarly, I would reply that man’s life depends on independent thinking every minute of its duration. For several years, I have been making auto-portraits, my character has become an indispensable part of my photographs, with the help of which I try to tell stories that interest me. Very often, I inspired by interpersonal relations as well as human psychology itself. The title „Exile” is not a person who was banished from the village or expelled from the city. An exile is a man who opposes political system thinking. It is a person who, on the basis of a separate thinking from politician, may feel rejected. What do I mean by writing political system thinking ?, the system is made up of politicians, and politicians need their followers to have strength and power. Societies are manipulated by various groups of politicians, and people like the blind follow their voice. Among these people are exiles, loners who reject politicians as the only way to the truth. The project „Exile” has twenty photos, I like using color as a form of communication. The last ten photographs are in blue and desert color. Of course, this is not an accidental operation and is meant to symbolize the sky and deserts. The desert will always be associated with a lonely road, while the sky with salvation. What is the path to salvation? I leave this question unanswered.

completed project on side: http://michalkonrad.pl/portfolio/wygnaniec/

Adrian Johnson
Agata Preyss
Hildy Maze
Tim Bradstreet
Victor Fota

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