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Calendar Hry bez hranic 2016


HRY BEZ HRANIC – Games without boarders.

Calendar  for the sport nets and ropes company Kv. Řezáč for year 2016. (14 pages, colour, digital print, A3) Collaboration between me and czech photographer Eliška Kyselková also based in London.

This was second time I had a chance to co-work on some interesting calendar with Eliška.


Across whole visual I used shape extracted from the playground. I wanted to make the connection between visual and pictures stronger. Name of the Calendar is in czech language little riddle thatswhy words HRY (Games) and HRAnic (Boarders) are in different colours.

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Dibs McCallum
Petra Stefankova
Greg Sand
Weronika Karczewska
William Wray

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