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Georgia Taylor 1, Cammers 2016, Michaela kidd
Georgia Taylor 2, Cammers 2016, Michaela Kidd
John Maxwell 1, Cammers 2016, Michaela Kidd
John Maxwell 2, Cammers 2016, Michaela Kidd
Tracy Smithson 1, Cammers 2016, Michaela Kidd

This documentary project explores the hierarchy and relationship between online sex worker and online client. It depicts the banal and mundane atmosphere that surrounds this type of webcam culture by experimenting with everyday spaces and how each individual might use these. It plays on notions of truth and fiction because of the miniature scale models, which help to create a subject’s identity. It also subtly touches on the negativity surrounding the female form and how it is objectified in pornography, which is present throughout the text about each individual subject.

Below is the text that combines this project together:

The relatively new and increasingly popular ‘camming’ industry has had a significant amount of publicity recently.

It has been the subject of several much-discussed television documentaries (The Truth About Webcam Girls, February 2014) and newspaper articles (Webcam Couples Paid By Strangers To Have Sex, The Daily Mail, September 2015).

In April 2016 I visited people who identify themselves as belonging to the ‘camming community’.

Most of them were happy to tell me about their experiences.

I took photographs of the cammers I met and the places where they cam.

I wrote about them too.


Name: Tracy & Dave Smithson

Age: 38 & 42


Tracy and Dave live in a small one bedroom flat with their one-year-old son, Harry. They enjoy walks in the park and visiting family at the weekends. Recently Dave was made redundant and since then the family has found it hard to cope with the rent and all the bills. Tracy can’t go back to work until next year because she’s pregnant again. Because they were struggling so much, they decided to cam.

Camming doesn’t pay enough but it helps them pay for food. Every night, after they’ve put Harry to bed, they log in and act out the sexual activities their clients demand. Mostly their clients want to see Tracy playing with sex toys, but it’s good that Dave’s there, because that way they can get penetration as well if they want.




Name: Robert Clarke

Age: 54


Robert lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in a five-bedroom house with en-suite bathrooms. Robert and his wife Judith, play tennis and golf most weekends at the local country club. Judith takes pride in her home and also runs a successful interior design company. She’s at the office most days. Robert’s an accountant who works from home three days a week. Before Judith and the children get home, Robert goes to his bedroom and logs onto Teen It’s his favourite website. He usually spends fifty pounds and two hours watching eighteen-year-old girls getting naked in front of a webcam. Robert cums into a tissue. Judith likes to keep the house clean.




Name: John Maxwell

Age: 32


John lives in a luxurious one-bedroom flat. He works in the financial sector and is good at his job. He doesn’t have the time for a romantic partner - or the desire. He says they’re too much work, and anyway, he doesn’t believe one could ever satisfy his sexual desires. He orders prostitutes online instead. When John doesn’t want to hook up with a prostitute, he spends his time sat at a computer, where he pays to watch professional webcam girls perform for him. John likes it when the girls pretend to excite themselves with dildos.




Name: Georgia Taylor

Age: 24


Georgia rents a large townhouse. She shares it with three others. In her spare time she likes to read romantic novels and snuggle up with her cat. Georgia recently graduated as a primary school teacher but has found it difficult finding employment. Because she couldn’t pay her bills anymore she became a cammer. Every evening between 8pm and 3am Georgia logs into her online account, takes her clothes off and masturbates in front of the webcam. She told me that some of her clients are very aggressive and ask her to do things that she’s not comfortable with, but Georgia enjoys the money too much to give it up. She has lost faith in men and finds it hard to trust them now.


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