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Childhood Memories


Childhood Memories(2013) is a story about a boy who believes in philosophy and existentialism, his own dreams, and himself. It is his ability to change the immediate world that surrounds him that leads him into exploring the human subject.

The photographer have with this series recreated some of his long lost childhood memories. The project itself is an auto-analytical attempt to map his own psyche through visual representation. Subtle semiotics help the viewer to read deeply personal stories which contain entwined memories about traumatic bullying, reoccurring nightmares, illness, and drowning experiences along with vivid colours, lullabys about death and OCD-like attention to detail.

Moon – Drowning – Crow – Milk and Honey – Popcorn Roadtrip

Shot on Kodak Portra 160 and 400, with Toyo 5x4 field, large format camera.

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