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Cult of Identity

Wet moulding, vellum, body, stitching, replicate, constraining
wet moulding, vellum, glass, hand,stitching, replicate, catching
Wet moulding, vellum, hands, stitching, replicate, defining
Wet moulding, vellum, silicone, pouch, fingers, stitching, replicate, fitting
Vellum, shrunken leather, clay, silicone, hand negative, waves, straps, controlling

The concept of this project is based on the different personalities people create to represent themselves. It focuses on my own personal observation of the world, media, communication and fashion to define identity, which is often unclear. It questions the position of the designer as a seller of their own identity deformed by the need to appeal to her consumer to become a new definition of herself.
Following Post-Modernism spirit, the concept associates the use of technology and craftsmanship to embody all inspirations into a sculptural and ephemeral range. Creating a symbiosis between the wearer and the object through emotional and physical reaction.


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