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Pentonville Prison Drama Group workshop
Pentonville Prison Drama Group by Glen Mendes
Mudlarking hunting for history along the Thames
I Follow Rivers
Art Lines are the basic signature of language a bit like a mind map

I'm introducing my first Drawing project after qualifying at Camberwell UAL and samples from other drawing research projects which comprises my main work and illustration style thus far.

I discovered that a drawn line is the symbolic basis for art language and can act as a map regarding the mind as form and visible matter ,utilizing this premise an outdoors art practice ie the environment becomes a studio that shapes the work an evolution of vector graphics becomes a dead reckoning.

I was invited in to be a day guest artist for the Pentonville Prison Drama group rehearsals it was a great way to express inner feelings and raised energy that was very uplifting.

The group dynamic was movement is voice my job as artist was to define that voice as a line.

So as a Neo-Expressionist who engages in live environmental fieldwork its immediate and Raw that can be a Brute act upon a canvas utilising found material as tools in a sporadic manner and by considering the Cobra Art Movement found myself in situations that Guy De Bord may have relished.

Kelsey Brookes
Ayla El-Moussa
Hope (polar bear), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Plastic Bottle (private collection)
Stephanie KILGAST
Elinor Carucci
Punsib Phunchaisri
Jo In Hyuk
The Weaver – metamorphosis of a weaving factory in India
Unity Art Nabiha and Thom

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