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A Walk in the Country: ball point pen drawing
Night Flight: ink and watercolour
Reephant: a fantasy of elephant and reef, sepia ink
Forest Dreaming, graphite pencil drawing
Silent Tears, graphite pencil drawing

The first three images drawn in ink, are part of Jo's Unnatural Histories series in which fantasies involving natural forms were developed.  Forest Dreaming developed from drawing someone asleep on the Jubilee line.  I tried to imagine her dreaming of a place far as possible from a tunnel below Canary Wharf and came up with the moonlit forest. Her scarf suggested the tree roots and live nature of the forest floor and her hair was reduced to the dark little trees over her head.  Silent Tears was drawn as a response to those who lost loved ones following the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.  All were included in Seen and Imagined Jo's latest solo show.

Emma Coyle
Brice Bischoff
Jessica Tremp
Anna Dee
John Gripenholm
Robert Marian
Pedro Matos

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