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interroger son cœur

print pattern artwork and development
3d print inspiration
print design development communicated with graphic and 3d on the body

my work is inspired by Frank Gehry’s architecture shapes and work process of ‘fold’ and ‘bend’ I created sculpture shapes utilising waste material with draping so there’s lots movement. I did research on social and cultural atmospheres as well as marbling, Jeff Koons, modern pop art and Picasso to inform my work, and I captured the diverse shapes of movement with a model to express my concept. After, I made big print samples, put them on a 3D stand and made a print pattern.


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Igor illustration by Andy Catling
Andy Catling
Nikola Tamindzic
Lambis Stratoudakis
Yu Tsai
Arielle Wilkins
Sébastien Thibault

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