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Ladies of Nature

painted illustration of a ram woman with nature and leaves
painted illustration of a owl woman with blowing hair and feathers
painted illustration of a cat woman with a starry night background
painted illustration of a snake woman with nature and leaves
painted illustration of a deer woman with nature and leaves

Ladies of Nature brings together ladies, breathtaking wildlife and nature to create beautiful figures. Inspired by the use of natures textures and features in fashion.

I sell my personal illustrations on my online store Delightful Lines. I’m inspired by nature and traveling and am passionate about the handmade. I enjoy using beautiful colour palettes and style to create whimsical scenes. 

Ink & Gouache on Paper - Lauren
Matt Buckett
Alien hair 1
Rosa Fay
Giuseppe Pepe
Sasaki Makoto
Cyltonic, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Cleaning Agent Can
Stephanie KILGAST
Alec Huxley
Rebecca Adams

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